Music Video Draft 4

This is our draft 4 of our music video with a screencastify showing feedback on this draft. Overall we are quite happy with how are music video is coming along, but we have received some feedback on this draft which we will take on board when creating our final draft. I have summarised the feedback received below:

  • Make it more obvious that our star is looking directly at the Polaroid to begin with – eyeline match?? Close-up of eyes to close-up of Polaroid??
  • Good mise-en-scene
  • 2:20 – story line becomes clear
  • Shot of flowing dress – feels a bit unnecessary
  • Shots where star is moving during performance are very effective – matches the tone/beat of the song – where the star is stood still, looking at the camera – emotion is lost
  • Good ending – star breaks the 4th wall
  • Good if there was another hint to the photos at the beginning of the narrative
  • Good if there was more performance shots where the star is moving to get more emotion
  • Good/clear narrative


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