Production Skills Evaluation 2

Throughout my time in media studies I have gained many useful production skills on the programme Premier Pro. We have recently had Lenny who is the Creative Director at Specsavers back in to help us learn some more production skills that we may wish to use when adding the final touches to our music video.

Due to our music video featuring some flashbacks, we felt it was important to ensure that these shots could be distinguished from present time shots, we therefore decided that we should add a transition into these shots and a filter should be overlapped with them so that they would stand out amongst the others. In order to ensure that the filter over all three flashbacks was exactly the same, Lenny taught my group how to add an adjustment layer. This is a colour correcting layer which can be copied and dragged over several different points in a video, it could have even covered the whole video if we had wanted it to, however; we chose to stick to just the flashbacks in order to fully differentiate them as part of the past rather than the present. To create adjustment layer you select ‘File’ in the top left-hand corner of Premiere Pro, then select ‘New’, then choose ‘Adjustment Layer’ from the drop-down menu. Once this has been created, coloured filters can be added to the filter then to drag it and ensure it applies to other sections of the video, you would hold the layer, hold down the alt key then drag away from the layer and this will create a copy of the adjustment layer.

Prior to creating this adjustment layer, we decided that we wanted the coloured filter to have a pink hue, much like the filters used in Clara Mae’s music video for ‘I’m not her’. We felt that this colour represented flashbacks and had a clear vintage feel to it. In order to add this filter to our adjustment layer, we used the ‘Lumetri Colour’ tool and messed around with highlights and shadows as well as the colour curves. These tools gave us the opportunity to add warm or cold tones to our video, my partner and I chose to use warm tones to convey the false sense of warmth and friendship that our star had felt towards these girls in the past.



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