Digipak Draft 1

This is the first draft of our digipak. Click on the front cover image to view the PDF version of our product.

Below our initial draft I have embedded our teacher’s feedback on this task. He has provided us with useful feedback and some targets for what we may wish to change for draft 2 of our digipak. The following summarises the feedback that we have received:

  • Export the digipak as ‘pages’ not ‘spreads’
  • Good consistency of grading – a clear blue colour scheme
  • The strongest image is the sunset image – has a range of colours – oranges & pinks contrast with the blues
  • Possibly add some accent colours – maybe in typeface, maybe colour one spoke on the compass
  • Front and back look too similar – wide shot of the star looking from the left to the right through the frame. Change the back cover.
  • Nice mise-en-scene – consistent in terms of: it’s outdoors, wistful, sad. Maybe add some more fun through the use of colours or being subversive.
  • With the track-list on the back – be more subversive. Maybe make some of the letters upper case and some lower case (randomly) – possibly reverse the capitalisation of some letters.
  • Add the stroke used in the letters on the album name & artist name onto the track-list
  • Add a different font for either ‘Bearings’ or ‘Marla Stone’.
  • Add copyright information & bar-code.
  • Create the spines.


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