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In order to fully prepare for creating our own website to advertise/promote our star, we have looked at similar websites created by previous students from other centres to advertise and promote their star. Please click on the thumbnail down below to be taken to the website that I am referring to.

This website is very easy to access. There are no privacy settings blocking us from gaining access to the website and it is incredibly easy to understand. The navigation links at the top of the page are clear and the interactivity social media links are clearly displayed vertically down the right-hand side of the page.

I especially like that this website is one continuous page. This means we have the option to scroll down the page to each section of the website instead of using the navigation links located at the top of the page. The graphics that allow the titles to appear as we scroll through the website show that the student is highly skilled within the Wix online software and it is very effective for the student to use a letter representing what is being presented, for example, ‘V’ for ‘Video’.

From scrolling through the website I was able to understand that the student is promoting an indie pop band called the XX. This can be found in the ‘about’ section of the website, however the genre is also made clear through the use of mise-en-scene, typeface and the framing/effects of images used throughout, the general aesthetic of the website has an overall very indie vibe to it. We can also see in the ‘about’ section that the band are quite popular and have been around for several years – they originally formed in London and were all high school friends. The group are portrayed as fun-loving, thrill-seeking individuals who are dedicated to their work.

The website uses the same fonts as used in the digipak and the colour schemes also seem to be consistent throughout all three of the products. The mise-en-scene also seems to be quite similar throughout the images shown on the website and the costumes worn in the music video. The music video has a grungy vibe to it and this urban/grunge vibe is continued throughout the website as well.

The website definitely satisfies Blumler & Katz’s uses and gratifications. It is highly informative about the band themselves and it provides clear social interaction links for fans as they can follow the social media links and join in on the discussions surrounding the band themselves. The website satisfies the entertainment needs of the audience through presenting the latest music video as the first item seen on the website – keeping the audience engaged from the moment they first click onto the website. The audience’s personal identity needs would be easily met as they can relate to the stars of the band by looking through the media section of the website, they can also use the various social media links to communicate with friends and family about the website and the band themselves.

Overall, I think this website demonstrated a very high level of skill. It is a very effective website at promoting and advertising and there is clearly a definite brand associated with this website.

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