Website Terminology

These slides showcase the website for the indie pop/alternative artist, Melanie Martinez. On this presentation I have labelled the key conventional features of a website including the navigation links, leader-board and interactivity.

The website included the majority of the conventional features of a website, nearly all of the key features, except for the search bar. The navigation bar is clearly displayed in the upper right corner of the page, providing a clear and simple space for users of our website to find to find their way onto the different pages. There is the leaderboard, showing the artists name and beneath this are two links to the artists most recent music videos. This is all shown above the fold of the page.

Below the fold is the interactivity section and the merchandise section. This provides links to the different social media pages representing the artist and it also presents the option for the audience to ‘Subscribe’ to the website. This means they will receive emails regarding updates on latest tours and album releases from the artist.

The second below the fold page shows upcoming tour dates and more interactivity options. This time presenting new interactivity options to email or follow the artist on Spotify.

Overall, Melanie Martinez’s website is very conventional and includes all generic features of a music website. Carrying out this task has helped me in recognising the different features that I may need to include when creating my own Music Website for my artist.

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