Evaluation of Web Design Application

The below screenshot shows our home page of the website that we have produced to go alongside our music video and digipak. Our website was created on Wix and we learnt several new skills on this online platform.

When initially creating our website we began with a blank template then I added several pages and titled them as shown above. A preset navigation bar was available for me to drag onto the page and as I did this the different navigation buttons each became the titles of my pages. It is vital for a website to have a navigation bar in order to provide easy access to all pages of the website whenever requested. The social media links found next to theĀ  navigation bar in the top-left of the page are also crucial links to have. It is important for websites to have social media links for interactivity purposes – if audience members want to see more about their star and attempt to form a connection with her, they will almost always look at the artists social media pages to see the types of posts that they put up and to see if they are relatable.

My website also featured an albums & videos page as well as a lyrics page and these showed all of our artists previous work. On the albums page, we created several mock-up digipak covers to illustrate our star as well established, this was important as we wanted our star to be represented as highly relatable with a large fan base. On the lyrics page, we had several landing pages linked to buttons and these landing pages showed us the lyrics of the song named on the button. We also had landing pages linked to our tours page and our albums page as purchasing platforms.

On the final page of our website, we listed several news stories which could be clicked and the audience would be taken to an article, these were again created to encode our star as well-established and popular. Our final page, ‘News and Gallery’, also featured a slideshow presenting pictures of our star where she appears carefree, this helps to solidify our star image of her as a free-spirited individual.

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