Web Page Draft 1 and Final Draft with what has changed

Below is the Draft 1 of my Website. We created this website using the online technology, ‘Wix’ and have received some feedback from our teacher on how we could improve this initial draft. I have embedded the Screencastify showing our feedback.

Below are the main points of feedback that we received:

  • Needs finishing
  • Good news & gallery page – effective slideshow – is it necessary to have collage of star as well as slideshow?
  • Make story headlines more obvious that they are headlines – possibly add in lines
  • Good tours page – make it more obvious that we can buy tickets by clicking on the date (maybe add info at top of the page)
  • Really likes merchandise page – good use of the compass graphic as a logo
  • Home page feels a bit bare – add in the logo & use eyeline match for call to action – also get rid of empty scroll
  • Photos are good – really likes our mock-up digipak covers
  • Good lyrics page – finish the lyrics (add placeholder text)

Embedded below is the final draft of our Website. We took on all of the feedback that we received in the above Screencastify from our draft 1 to ensure that this final draft was the best it could possibly be. My partner and I feel that our website does a good job at relaying our brand image back to our target audience.


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