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Feedback & Reflection on Draft 3

I have got some feedback on my first draft of my double page spread. My feedback was given to me by Mrs. Cobb and Kirsten.

  • I like the photos and the effects around the photos.
  • I like the colour contrast (the orange against the blue).
  • Centre your quotes from your star.
  • Do not write ‘Written by’, just write “by…”
  • Include page numbers.
  • Add a line under your headline to separate that from the story.
  • Add a drop capital to the start of each paragraph.
  • Add “Photography by…”
  • Add the same effect to the image on the left as the images on the right.
  • Get rid of hyphens to continue words (make sure words end of the line they begin on).
  • Add the logo of your magazine to the top-left corner of the double page spread – most magazines will have this.

From this feedback that I have received, I have created some targets for my re-draft of my double page spread:

  • Centre my quotes.
  • Change “Written by Eleanor Hughes” to “By Eleanor Hughes”.
  • Add page numbers to the bottom corners of the page.
  • Add a line under the Headline.
  • Add drop capitals to the start of paragraphs.
  • Include “Photography by” with my images.
  • Add an effect to the image on the left (same effect as the images on the right have).
  • Get rid of hyphens (Make sure all words continue on the one line).
  • Add the magazine logo to the top-left corner of the double page.

Draft 3 – The Double Page Spread

This is the first draft of my double page spread. I have continued with my pastel colour theme for my backgrounds. I do not know what my article will be at the moment as we are doing our journalist work after we have done our design work. For now, I have filled my columns with placeholder text. The orange/peach text will be quotes from my main cover star.

I have again stuck very closely to my “Lick N’ Stick” mock-up. However; I have added a slight gradient in the top corners of the double page spread to connote stage lights as my main cover star is a singer.

A New Improved Contents Page

This is my second draft of my contents page for my pop music magazine. I took on the advice that I was given wherever I could and this was my end result. I followed the targets that I set as best as I could whilst still sticking to my ‘Lick n’ Stick’ mock-up of what I wanted my contents page to look like.

Since my first draft, I have edited the image of Macy so that her cardigan is a different colour and she is less likely to be identified as the same person as in the image in the left square. I have also changed the numbers that were on my images from an orange colour to white; they fit in with the colour scheme for this page of my magazine now. I have also moved all of my images slightly away from each other so they are only touching corners, no longer feeding into each other.

I received feedback which said that I could turn my photos into Polaroids. I attempted to do this, but it did not look very effective so I put them back to how they were. I also received feedback which asked if i could do something with the line under ‘Contents’, perhaps turn it into a paint strip. I also tried to do this but struggled and could not find the required tool to do this editing.


Feedback & Reflection on Draft 2

I have been given some feedback on my initial draft of my contents page. My feedback was given to me by Alyssa and Kirsten.

The below bullet points show the feedback that I received:

  • I really like the gradient, it adds dimension to your page.
  • I do not like the orange numbers on the page, they look a bit out of place, they would look better if they matched the colour scheme of your page.
  • I like the purple background of your column, it makes the page look less boring because using one colour is bland.
  • I like the consistent pastel theme that you have used, it shows consistency and represents your genre.
  • I like the layout of the photos on your page, they are interesting to look at.
  • It would look really good if you could try and make your photos Polaroids because it gives the classic ‘Pop’ feeling.
  • Do something with the line underneath ‘Contents’ – Make it a paint stripe or something along those lines.
  • You could edit the 2nd image of Macy so that her hair/clothes were a different colour to make her seem like a different person.
  • You could make your images just corner-to-corner instead of having them running into eachother.


I have listened closely to my feedback from both of my peers and have created 5 targets on how to improve my work.

My Targets:

  • Change the orange numbers to either white or a more pastel colour (numbers on the images).
  • Attempt to make the images look like Polaroid photos.
  • Do something to the line underneath the word ‘Contents’, try to make it look like a paint stripe.
  • Edit the 2nd image of Macy, change the colour of her cardigan and maybe change her hair colour.
  • Move the images and their borders so that they are only touching corners, not feeding into one-another.

Draft 2 – The contents page

This is the first draft of my contents page for my pop music magazine. I have decided to use pastel colours as the theme for my backgrounds as these shades are often associated with pop music. I have followed my “lick n’ stick” mock-up of my contents page very closely and I think it looks very effective. Originally I had completely pink as the background, I decided to add a purple background on one column as it makes the magazine more eye-catching and interesting – it doesn’t look as bland. I also added a radial gradient to my background as it connotes stage lights shining on my star.


2nd Shoot Contact Sheets

The two contact sheets on the first row of images are my shots that worked. They were all clear and images that I could generate a story around. I got 42 good shots of my models, many of these images were of each model separately however; some of my images feature my models together. My props were used effectively and made the images in which they were used improved.

The good images of my models connote mystery and popularity. My images connote gossip and celebrity status which would be big features in a pop music magazine. They are very effective as they fit in with what would be included in a pop magazine.

The two contact sheets on the second row are the images that didn’t work. Many of them were blurry and in a few of them my models were not positioned properly. A couple of the photos are also overexposed in the bad contact sheets.

The bad images which are not blurry do not work for my genre. For some of the images, I couldn’t think of a story to go with them that would fit in with the pop genre of music, for others, I just felt that they didn’t tell a good story.








Risk Assessment

This is a copy of my risk assessment for my location shoot. It is very important to have a risk assessment for a location shoot to show that we can recognize different problems that could occur and to show that we are prepared to deal with these possible risks in a sensible manner. 

I have gained the signatures of everyone that I will be with at different times of the day to show that they are comfortable with my risk assessment. Their signatures also show that they will follow how I am controlling the risks.

Production Meeting Agenda for 2nd photoshoot

This is my production meeting agenda for my 2nd photoshoot. I hope to get some good location shots from this shoot that I can use on both the cover page as insets and on the contents page to give snippets of other stories that will be included in my magazine.

As you can see from the embedded document, I am going to have two models, Marguerite and Macy. They are going to be dressed quite casually but will still have elements of pop and fashion incorporated in their outfits. The images that I photograph of my models will represent other stories that would be included if I created the whole music magazine.

We are using two main props, coffee cups and Marguerite’s dog, these props will be used in a range of photos in different areas around our central location, town.

A New Improved Front Page

This is the 2nd draft of my cover page for my pop music magazine. I have edited parts of my cover according to the feedback that I received in a previous post; for example; I have moved the gradient from the bottom-left corner of the page to make the cover lines easier to read, I also changed the font of the second line of my main cover line from bold to regular so that it is no longer difficult to read.

I played around with Photoshop and I removed the white that was around my models hair in the previous draft, This was one of my main targets to improve my front cover draft. I tried to remove the shadow on my models face, but found it was not possible because the shadow is on the actual photo.

Feedback on Draft 1

I have completed my first draft of my cover page which can be seen in the previous post. I have recently got some feedback from Andre (one of my peers) on my draft. He said that:

  • There are some bits of white still noticeable on my model’s hair, these need to be properly photoshopped and edited out of my image.
  • The beginning of my main cover line is quite hard to read due to the gradient used in the bottom left-hand corner of the page, this needs to be removed, moved or made less bold.
  • There is a shadow on my models face which needs to be removed to make her expression clearer.
  • My masthead is very effective, it stands out well over my background and fits in with the genre of my magazine.
  • The part of my main cover line which says ‘Queen of pop’ is too bold and in your face.

I have made some targets on how I could improve my first draft:

  • I need to play around with the photoshop cut-out tools to ensure that there is no white around the edge of my image.
  • I need to reduce the gradient in the bottom-left corner so that it does not make the beginning of my main cover line difficult to read.
  • I need to remove the shadow on my main cover stars face so that her expression is more noticeable and clear.
  • I need to make the second line of my main cover line regular and remove the boldness as it makes the line too in your face and repels the audience.
  • My final target is to make sure that my model looks completely airbrushed and perfect as that fits in with the pop genre