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Website Terminology

These slides showcase the website for the indie pop/alternative artist, Melanie Martinez. On this presentation I have labelled the key features of a website including the navigation links, leader-board and interactivity. The website included the majority of the conventional features of a website

Digipak Draft 1

Below is the first draft of our digipak. Click on the front cover image to view the PDF version of our product.

Above our initial draft I have embedded our teacher’s feedback on this task. He has provided us with useful feedback and some targets for what we may wish to change for draft 2 of our digipak. The following summarises the feedback that we have received:

  • Export the digipak as ‘pages’ not ‘spreads’
  • Good consistency of grading – a clear blue colour scheme
  • The strongest image is the sunset image – has a range of colours – oranges & pinks contrast with the blues
  • Possibly add some accent colours – maybe in typeface, maybe colour one spoke on the compass
  • Front and back look too similar – wide shot of the star looking from the left to the right through the frame. Change the back cover.
  • Nice mise-en-scene – consistent in terms of: it’s outdoors, wistful, sad. Maybe add some more fun through the use of colours or being subversive.
  • With the track-list on the back – be more subversive. Maybe make some of the letters upper case and some lower case (randomly) – possibly reverse the capitalisation of some letters.
  • Add the stroke used in the letters on the album name & artist name onto the track-list
  • Add a different font for either ‘Bearings’ or ‘Marla Stone’.
  • Add copyright information & bar-code.
  • Create the spines.



Contact Sheets

These are our two contact sheets of good images which could be used in our digipak. These images were produced by my group on our shoot day on 1st October at the Cowshorn and Bathing Pools. We have collected a range of different camera angles and framing shots during this shoot. For example, we have taken some close-ups, some long-shots and some mid-shots; as well as some of the images also being purely location/establishing shots. The shoot was overall quite successful and we have gained some useful, clear images.

If you click the images embedded below, you will be taken to PDF versions of the contact sheets.

Photoshoot/Design production meeting and risk assessment

Embedded below are the risk assessment and production meeting agenda forms that we have completed for our digipak photo shoot. As you can see from the forms, we are planning on using the Cowshorn and the Bathing Pools for our shoot. We have analysed the different risks that could be associated with our chosen location for this shoot and have come up with precautions that we will take to ensure these risks are averted. For example, our model for this shoot (Sophie) will be wearing heels so one of our risks would be Sophie slipping in her heels – in order to avoid this risk we have said that Sophie will not be doing any running or walking up very steep hills.

Our production meeting agenda lays out the details regarding costume, make-up, hair, props, dates and times, locations and people needed for the shoot to take place. For example, we know that we want our star to wear a maxi dress that flows for the photos, the production meeting agenda also shows us that in terms of make-up and costume, I am in charge of lipstick, Kirsten is is charge of eyeshadow and highlighting palettes and Sophie is in charge of clothes and base make-up.



Feedback on Mock-up and Targets

In the previous post, I embedded images of a mock-up digipak that my group created using photos that we found on the internet. We then took this mock-up digipak and got the opinions of 7 different people on what genre they thought the product would fit into and what adjectives they would use to describe it. We created a list of genre’s and a list of adjectives and asked our participant’s to put a tick next to the categories that they thought described the mock-up the best.

We listed several genres however the genres that received the most votes were:

Indie Pop – 3 votes

Indie – 4 votes.

We also listed several adjectives to describe our digipak and asked our participants to put a tick next to which 3 adjectives they felt described it the best, the adjectives listed below received the most votes:

  • Relaxed – 4 votes
  • Peaceful – 4 votes
  • Laid-back – 5 votes

These were the adjectives that we were hoping would get the most votes along with isolated and warm/free. The genres which were most voted for would also be the genres that I would use to describe our music video – altogether our mock-up digipak was quite successful at representing our chosen genre.