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Production Skills 2

Throughout my time in media studies I have gained many useful production skills on the programme Premier Pro. We have recently had Lenny who is the Creative Director at Specsavers back in to help us learn some more production skills that we may wish to use when adding the final touches to our music video.

Due to our music video featuring some flashbacks, we felt it was important to ensure that these shots could be distinguished from present time shots, we therefore decided that we should add a transition into these shots and a filter should be overlapped with them so that they would stand out amongst the others. In order to ensure that the filter over all three flashbacks was exactly the same, Lenny taught my group how to add an adjustment layer. This is a colour correcting layer

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Whilst planning and producing our music videos, I have learnt some useful production skills on the program Adobe Premier Pro. I have also learnt production skills on the DSLR camera’s, some of these skills include: how to shoot in slow motion, framing, recording and different camera angles with their connotations.

Several skills have been learnt on Premier Pro. One of these skills is: slowing down shots to make them play in slow motion. Below is a screenshot showing how to decrease the speed at which a clip plays. Putting videos into slow motion helps to create enigma, emotion and dramatic effect. This means that it is more effective at showing that our star is feeling many heavy emotions throughout the duration of the video. One of the slowed down shots is of our main star’s eyes, this shows that she is struggling; she is in pain and so she is making eye contact with the audience to connote this. To change the speed of shots you right click on the shot you would like to change, press ‘Speed/Duration’ then where it says ‘Speed’, you change this to whatever speed you would like the clip to play at.

Another production skill that I have learnt throughout the production process is how to reverse videos. Below is a video showing how this is done. Reversing videos can be used to confuse the viewers or to show that the main star of the narrative is confused and/or feeling mixed emotions. They do not know which way to go and so in some parts in the video we are including waves playing through normally, followed by reversed waves. To do this you right click on the shot that you want to change, go to ‘Speed/Duration’ then toggle ‘Reverse speed’.