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This is my final prelim montage.

In this task we filmed several videos which were then cut and edited together to create a montage of the typical school day. We used techniques such as match-on-action, eye-line match, framing and close-ups. I used this task to learn how to: properly frame shots, shoot from a variety of distances and hold a shot study.


  • I included a fade out transition at the end so that the video didn’t end too abruptly.
  • I used some good framing shots – to the side of the stairs for a close-up of feet going up/down.
  • I used a good range of close-ups, mid-shots and long-shots.


  • Some shots may have worked better from different distances – for example, filling up the water bottle could’ve worked better from a different angle or as an extreme close-up.
  • I could have improved my framing – for example, in the shot where the male actor is leaving the building, I could’ve recorded the footage from outside of the building to show him walking towards the camera.
  • My establishing shot at the beginning was very fast – I should have slowed this shot down a bit to give the audience a greater understanding of the location of the video, I also should have ensured that the name of the school was visible in this shot.

During the making of these preliminary tasks I have learnt lots about video editing. I have learnt that the 180-degree rule is a key rule for continuity editing, it ensures that the audience understand what is happening and there is no confusion. I have also learnt that shot reverse shot is an important camera technique for showing a relationship/interaction and match-on-action is an important technique for showing an interaction with another human/an object. I have also learnt that premier pro offers a frame-by-frame button to give greater accuracy to the user. These new skills will definitely be useful when I am creating my music video because they give me the basic camera techniques and skills for the editing programme that I will be using so that I can ensure my music video runs smoothly and communicates its story effectively.


Prelim continuity task

This is my final preliminary video.

I have used the following camera techniques: eye-line match, shot reverse shot, match-on-action. I used these techniques to create a sense of conversation. Using a shot reverse shot camera technique shows that my actors are speaking to each other and that there is some sort of relationship between the two of them.

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules: 180-degree rule and match-on-action, shot reverse shot. I used these rules to ensure that the video of the interaction runs smoothly, I didn’t want my audience to feel confused at any point throughout the video so I used these continuity rules to create smooth transitions between cuts and to ensure that the entire video ran smoothly; creating a sense of relationship and interaction between my two actors.

I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro: bracket cutting tool, frame-by-frame tool. I used these tools to ensure that my video was cut in the correct places to ensure continuity. The frame-by-frame tool allowed me to view/hear my video frame-by-frame, therefore I could make sure my accuracy with my editing was perfect and I could ensure that no parts of the video repeated themselves from different perspectives. The bracket cutting tool was an easy way for me to cut a section of my footage so that I only used the section of the video that I wanted to use, it gave me complete accuracy with cutting my video into snippets.

If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently. I would ensure that the audience could hear the door slam when the female actress leaves the room, I would also cut to close-up shots more often and would use more eye-line matches.