Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

For our music video we need a range of narrative shots to tell a story alongside the performance shots. Recently we did a filming day of shooting these parts for our music video. Going into our shoot we had a general idea of what we wanted to get out of the day. Here is a list of pros and cons of the day;


  • We had all the equipment needed worked flawlessly which did not slow down any progress
  • Everyone involved in the video understood the desired outcome which we wanted to achieve
  • We got a wide array of shots from different angles and perspectives
  • Our day was organised to get as much possible time to get the most footage we could


  • The weather on the day was not what was forecasted. We wanted a sunny day to give the shots more colour but it was very overcast making everything look much more grey. This will be altered in colour correction later on.
  • We could have tried to created more contrast in the shots from our clothing by wearing brighter clothes. I feel the monochrome clothing blends in to the background a lot, this is something to modify for a next shoot.
  • We wanted a lot of shots to be handheld and have some movement to them but a few shots were wasted from being overly shaky.
  • Also, an equal amount of stable shots would have been good to get on the day and we will prioritise these for our next shoot.

Targets for next shoot:

  • Get more steady shots such as shots of people and single profile style shots.
  • Ensure the weather on the day will be good ALL day.
  • Experiment more with contrast in clothing and lighting.
  • Keep experimenting with different angles and creative techniques for filming while still getting the basic shots such as close ups etc.



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