Music Video Draft 2 (Includes Narrative)

Here is our second draft which includes our narrative shots;

Self assessment:

Initially we are very pleased with this outcome as it gives a strong sense of what our end product is going to look like. Our narrative footage has turned out exactly how we planned it to look, very unscripted and raw giving it the vibe which we planned to achieve. This unscripted style is what is very common among our genre. One problem which occurred is on our planned filming day the weather was very overcast and cloudy, we decided to continue the shoot but we still feel the outcome will have been even better if it was sunny. Another issue we came across while editing is that some of the shots we filmed, the actors we out of time with the song so the clips effectively become unusable.

Targets for improvement:

  • Shoot several more performance clips to fill any gaps which we may have where anything is out of sync.
  • More variation in narrative shots such as using the fish eye lens in some places and using creative technique such as framing etc.
  • Decide on our filters which we will use throughout the video, this may take a while as we need to experiment with different filters and all the levels with colour correction.
  • Minimize amount or repetitive shots throughout the video to keep a flow within the video of a similar style shots but they are all different.

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