Production Skills Evaluation 1

Throughout the editing process, we learned a range of skills which included cutting and editing footage to create perfectly timed cuts which are in time with the music and what is present within the video. Being able to link the narrative with the music through the video is really important. The narrative must have the same feel as the song so that the viewer accepts the content. Furthermore, being able to show the idea of star image in video is important for the outcome of the video.

To keep cuts in time with the music and to create a seamless edit we made use of  time stamps. Time stamps are a useful feature as they allow you to mark specific points within your video to keep edits in time and correct.

After the video was assembled together and all the shots were edited we moved onto colour correction and adding filters, in my opinion the filters are the best addition we could have made to the video. The filters really hide any mistakes and make the video have a much more stylised outcome which works with our genre.

Folder management as you are working is really important. Keeping everything organised saved so much time and stress from the editing process. As you are editing you will develop a lot of clutter from having to film extra clips and also making drafts and uploads. When everything stays organised and clearly named then everything will run much smoother. Personally we could have improved our efficiency by naming more files and not getting lazy organizing folders.






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