8th July 2019

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

For our music video we need a range of narrative shots to tell a story alongside the performance shots. Recently we did a filming day of shooting these parts for our music video. Going into our shoot we had a general idea of what we wanted to get out of the day. Here is a list of pros and cons of the day;


  • We had all the equipment needed worked flawlessly which did not slow down any progress
  • Everyone involved in the video understood the desired outcome which we wanted to achieve
  • We got a wide array of shots from different angles and perspectives
  • Our day was organised to get as much possible time to get the most footage we could


  • The weather on the day was not what was forecasted. We wanted a sunny day to give the shots more colour but it was very overcast making everything look much more grey. This will be altered in colour correction later on.
  • We could have tried to created more contrast in the shots from our clothing by wearing brighter clothes. I feel the monochrome clothing blends in to the background a lot, this is something to modify for a next shoot.
  • We wanted a lot of shots to be handheld and have some movement to them but a few shots were wasted from being overly shaky.
  • Also, an equal amount of stable shots would have been good to get on the day and we will prioritise these for our next shoot.

Targets for next shoot:

  • Get more steady shots such as shots of people and single profile style shots.
  • Ensure the weather on the day will be good ALL day.
  • Experiment more with contrast in clothing and lighting.
  • Keep experimenting with different angles and creative techniques for filming while still getting the basic shots such as close ups etc.



5th July 2019

Risk Assessment

This is our risk assessment created for our narrative shoot day.

2nd July 2019

Production Meeting Agenda – Narrative Shoot

Before embarking on our narrative shoot we have created a PMA to inform everyone what is needed on the shoot day on the 23rd of June. This is important as it allows everyone to know what they are bringing and what others are bringing. Our aims for the shoot have been discussed with our models so everybody is prepared for the shoot day.

2nd July 2019

Narrative Development

1st July 2019

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Self Assessment :

This first draft gives us a strong understanding of where we are in the this process in the middle of creating our music video. From this first draft we can evaluate and highlight the areas which are in need of improvement. I feel the editing process went well and there were little problems we came across within the editing process. As this is a first draft the music is not as perfectly in time with the visual as we would like it to be. During the editing we were experimenting with different filters and colour corrections to give another edge to the final outcome, one goal which we have in mind is to make the video look much more aged by decreasing the quality and adding in effects such as broken pixels to look like it was filmed on an old VHS which further enhances the genre conventions. The filming quality throughout the video varied, some shots I feel came out really well and as we intended such as the fisheye movement shots around the band specifically the opening shot. but others seem very amateur and we could improve on. One main issue which we came across is that we did not have enough shots to fill the entire song of just performance. To tackle this issue we plan on shooting more performance footage in a different style to give the video more depth and interest.

Targets for improvement:

  • Shoot more performance shots – more shots of the individual shots of the band members
  • Edit the video more to beat of song
  • Experiment more with editing processes
  • More abstract shots such as movement techniques and unusual shots for interest within the video
  • More basic shots such as mid shots, close ups and extreme close ups
  • More abstract/ experimental editing techniques
  • Ensure we shoot the entire song on each take
26th June 2019

Risk Assessment

Above is the risk assessment created for our performance shoot day.


26th June 2019

Narrative Arc Stop Motion

Above is our short stop motion narrative. We have done this to aid understanding of how narratives are structured and help us creating a narrative for our own music videos. Our clip shows the arc of a problem occurring and the problem being resolved, this is the narratives arc. Our video shows a man stealing a car from another person but then returning the car with gifts and all ends well. Todorov’s narrative theory tells us that every narrative should have stages to function as a narrative. These stages should include; equilibrium, disruption of equilibrium, recognise the disruption, an attempt to repair damage and finally new equilibrium.

Within our video we tried to incorporate these stages in the narrative. Our video also represents conventional character types but with a plot twist at the end showing the antagonist in a new light.

Narrative also includes binary oppositions, for example our story shows love and hate so we had to find ways of how to represent both of these aspects into the story.

Music video narratives are also similar to this stop motion video as they cannot make use of dialogue to develop the story. Music videos can come in different forms, one form is an illustration which is the reflection of a songs lyrics into video form. Amplification is taking the general ideas of the songs lyrics and making it into a music video but does not change the meaning too much. Disjuncture is the process in which a music video will develop a new collection of meanings in order to create individuality. The difference between music video narratives and film narratives is that music video narratives are non linear and are made so that they can be repeated multiple times. Music video narratives are usually more symbolic and thematic.

Within our own music video we want to portray an amplification of the song by enhancing the ideas of the lyrics but keeping a clear link to the original meaning. We also need to follow genre conventions of our punk rock genre by using scenes of performance alongside the narrative.

25th June 2019

Test Shoots

This is our first draft at filming and editing a music video. This is just a short segment of our song and we are mainly focusing on editing and filming technique.


  • There was a variety of shots for a short video ranging in distances.
  • The cameras shots were very steady and did not move while recording because we used a tripod.
  • There was good lip syncing because we had the music playing as we were filming it.


  • The camera did move slightly for one of the shots which slightly threw off the edit at the beginning but after that we did not move it to keep continuity. For our actual music video shoots we will make sure to shoot shots like this multiple times to reduce the chances of mistakes such as this.
  • We should have taken more shots to give us more options to use when editing.  For our music video we are planning on filming as much as we can because from this experience we have learnt what it is like when you have little video to work with and that more options is the best way to work.
  • Also more variety in shot length could have been beneficial. When editing our actual music video we will try to keep shots short to comply with the genre.