27th March 2019

So how did it go?

Now this first component is coming to an end I say I feel very ready for the next stage as I have learnt from mistakes and developed my skills as a media student. Throughout this first component I have learnt a great deal about a range of software and equipment such as DSLR’s and studio lighting. A few of the various software programs I came across were Photoshop, InDesign, Bridge and Edublogs, I am now very comfortable with these programs from this component and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge onto more software’s and equipment.

At this point I have completed my first project “NINETY NINE!” (found on the Home Page of this blog) I am looking forward to more projects now that I have this experience and knowledge I know how to better approach problems and ideas. I have also enjoyed investigating the work of professionals as well as my peers and understanding certain decisions that have been made going into the design process of media. Component 1 has given me a new outlook on media and I now find myself looking at media in a different light.

27th February 2019

Draft 6


Here is my draft 6 where I have done more edits to them, some of the things I have changed on my work are;

Cover page:

  • added issue number and issue date.

Contents Page:

  • Changed some titles
  • Changed some colours
  • added yellow circles to the titles which feature on the cover.


  • Moved titles
  • Adjusted Yellows
26th February 2019

Draft 5 Work In Progress

These are my current drafts with my peer to peer assessment. I now have a strong idea from the feedback I have given for ideas to improve my work. I have made some minor changes to my work such as adjusting text and some colour correction.

Also, I have received my peer to peer feedback on my drafts and getting their thoughts on my work and areas where I can improve.


Front cover:

  • Changed the colour and fonts on the banners on the bottom and top.

Contents page:

  • Changed some detail colours
  • Changed some titles to match the front cover for continuity
12th February 2019

Language Analysis

For my analysis I will be looking at the magazine article “New Band”. The article which features on the page is a interview with multiple EDM DJ’s and talking about their connections with one another. The reason I am looking into the style of writing used in these articles is so that I can create my own article in the same style as these professional outcomes to get the best result from my article.

It is apparent that a journalist was present to ask the musicians questions about their work and how they are all connected. The impact of having a journalist there means they can achieve greater information for an article, and from asking questions you can get direct answers. Furthermore, you can use these answers in the article and embed quotes directly from the artist which engages the reader as they feel they are getting the most truthful response. An area where the presence of a journalist is very apparent is where the question is added before the answer such as “Scooter, how did you connect with Garrix?”.

The journalist describes the appearance of each of the musicians which shows their alternative genre, he mentions their “drags on cigarettes with puff’s on an industrial-grade vape” which asserts their conventions with their dark clothes and characteristics of a rockstar DJ. The journalist also mentions characteristics of the musicians which are direct contrasts to the clothing they are wearing and their intimidation smoking habits. This is interesting to read as the photos do not convey the same messages about their personalities.

Quotes are used amongst the article to give backstory and context to their work in the music industry one quote which was inserted to emphasise the popularity of the EDM music genre by saying “was becoming so big I really couldn’t ignore it”. Furthermore, the writer scales up the size of EDM music by talking about how the pop superstar Justin Bieber is getting involved in this new rising music genre and these three men are the founding original creators for this genre.

The structure of the article is two blocks the larger being the introduction to who they are and some information about the type of music they make, their appearance and personalities. The second paragraph was going into how they all met and was mostly made up from a quote said by one of the members.




12th February 2019

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

Here is my screen castify which was recorded to give me feedback for my magazine.

Targets to improve:

Front cover – 

Adjust image slightly right or larger

Change bottom left pug for correct title

Different colour banner at bottom

Move barcode

Add issue number and date

Contents page:

Different photos/ adjust photos

Adjust continuity for cover to contents page.

Double page spread:

Edit image brighter or bigger

Make all the yellows the same

Add by line

This important feedback which will go into my next drafts.

8th February 2019

Feedback On Article

Below is my article written for my DPS after taking feedback and improving it. Some things I changed were some of the questions did not perfectly represent the answers and it needed a more rounded conclusion. Overall I am pleased with this outcome and feel it is a good music article.

Here is my article on my DPS:



Here is a recording of my article being read:


Some comments: 

” I really like the range of vocabulary and amount of quotes, but some areas could flow better if more commas were added and making some sentences shorter.”

Targets For Development:

Break up some of the longer sentences with commas or full stops.

Correct some spelling errors.

Proofread some areas for missing words.

Update article on DPS