19th November 2019

Genre Conventions Analysis

Below is our genre conventions analysis, we have done this to fully dissect the genre and understand all of it to represent the genres repetoire of elements of our genre. We covered all visual areas such as mise en scene to camera techniques.


Here is our script for the presentation;

19th November 2019

Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of web design application

Recently, we have been using wix.com to create our very own website. Before embarking on this task I have had no prior experience to creating websites or using wix, now I am confident in using the features on the website and can develop the ideal website.

  • This is the dashboard for wix where everything is accessed from, editing the site is done from the drop down ‘site actions’ tab. From here you can also manage the content within the site such as products or music.


  • Within the site you can manage anything such as fonts, images and layout. We chose a very simple scrolling layout with the navigation bar across the top of the page. This was chosen because of research into other websites within our genre. Moreover, the images we added were specifically selected to further push the brand and star image. Across the website we wanted to keep a continuous theme to create the idea of branding. We used themes from our digipak and music video for the website.

  • Functionality of the website is very important, we made sure it was easy to use for the audience. One of the pages we added to the site is a ‘contact’ area where you can send messages to the band and communicate, this allows social interaction between the star and audience fulfilling the Blumler and Katz gratification theory.

  • Also on our website we added a merchandise page. Wix allows you to create merchandise and upload it with pricing, information and images. It also has the functionality to have a basket to purchase multiple products. This promotes brand image as well as a call to action.

14th November 2019

Website Draft 2

Above is our feedback from our teacher via screencastify.

We have been given some feedback and here are some targets for improvement:

  • The error with the landing page is that the wrong link was sent to our teacher. This highlighted to us that there is also no way to get back to the home page after going on another page.
  • Link tour date page to ticketmaster or any ticket website.
  • Add our own photo and more info on “about” page. Reviews/ News stories.
  • Link social media shortcuts to actual bands media.
  • Add some commentary to the photos.
  • More design features such as keeping similar themes from digipak onto website.
  • Discography.
  • Merchandise.


14th November 2019

Website Draft 1 – Self Assessment

Below is my self assessment to our first draft of the website. I have based this assessment from the assessment criteria and added a mark out of four on each slide. Overall I think it was very successful for a first draft and has given us a good base for the beginning of this website.