10th October 2019

Digipak Collage and Hand Drawn Mock Up

To aid our understanding in digipak conventions we looked at album artwork from our selected genre and applied that into a collage inspired by what we saw. We realised that all album artworks from the same genre use similar colour palettes and compositions. For our collage we included lots of earth tones and rough edges to simulate the punk aesthetic, furthermore we added some images of objects which are known for being punk such as denim jackets, converse and smashed guitars. This collage gives a sense of what to aim for when designing album artwork of our own.

27th September 2019

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Below is our analysis of a published Digipak. The album is “Joy as an act of resistance” by the band IDLES. The band is a punk rock band from the UK. This is important to know as you can analyze how they have used conventions within the album artwork. I chose this album because it is a very similar genre to the music which we are making our video and digital for.

I looked at the way they used images, text ,colour and connotations within the product. This gives me a good idea of how to adapt my own product to perfectly align with the genre conventions or defy conventions.

23rd September 2019

Digipak Mood-boards

This is my mood-board which I made on padlet.com where I hand selected images that describe my desired outcome through composition, mise en scene and colours. This helps me understand trends and differences within genres. The theory is that all media within a genre have the same style to their products, whether this be tour poster, album cover or promo photos. For each image I have titled why I have selected it.


Made with Padlet