This is my response to CCR4 “How did you integrate technologies- hardware, software and online in this product”. In this I have discussed the effects of the different products on the outcome of the media I have created, looking at both converged technologies, items that perform multiple roles and software pieces and how they have positively affected the products produced.

Digipak Draft 3

This is digital draft 3, and we are very close to finishing this product. Ahead of finishing this product we have done some more analysis and research. As part of this we have printed and include the imagery within a CD case, as this will allow our audience to gain a better feel for the product.

Gathering opinions on the cover, we asked our classmates to say what genre they thought it was, and add some adjectives to describe the  cover. 6 people highlighted the cover as R&B, with an additional 4 highlighting it as Pop. This shows that over half identified it correctly, and that although the case doesn’t always display the correct genre, the majority can identify it as our genre. Urban, Sassy, Fun, Dark and Funky were all given to describe our case, and we feel these work well to describe both our star and her image. This supports Hall’s ideas relating to a preferred reading, and shows that our album and its design can be understood to produce the desired reading.

Working towards our final draft we will be looking to highlight the genre, and to make sure that the product we have created always displays and represents the same genre we have designed it for.

Website Draft 2

This is draft 2 of our website, we have made a variety of changes since last time and are close to completing this product.

Feedback from Teacher

  • Firstly she has said that the basic structure and colour scheme work well
  • She has highlighted that the main cover image is very architectural and doesn’t quite fit the genre or our star.
  • Commenting on the layout she has said that the navigation works well.
  • There is a blank section in this draft, she has suggested the inclusion of some articles in here, to finish the page.
  • We are yet too insert our video, however this will be locked in one of the available video blocs which we have within the site.
  • She has seen the store works well, and is happy with the current selection of products.

Targets for improvement

  • We need to incorporate some more fitting imagery, including the top banner image and throughout the pages.
  • Discography is also something we are needing to include as a current we have a mature of professional  and home made album covers on display within the site.
  • Additionally we need to include our music video draft 5 and current Digipak into the site, however  we currently have plenty of space to do this.
  • Using the colour palette and imagery from the music video, we hope to create more of a star image within the site, this could include more representation of the rose flower and star imagery.

Audience interaction with a website – an analysis

This is our screencasitify where we have analysed the website for Mahalia, this has allowed to gain a better understanding of what is expected and conventional. This will help when we come to complete the design and user experience for our own website.

Evaluation of web design application

Wix is a cloud based web development platform, which we have been using over the past month to create our stars website. Wix as provided us a great base for our website, and although it provides a lot of high level features it very simple to use. Similarly to the adobe software we have developed a variety of skills within the site, and learnt how to use many of the new tools as we develop our sites.

Side Tool Bar

The side tool bar is one of the more complex features within wixs and allow for complex adjustments to the different elements of the page. using the side tool bar you can change the layering and order of items on there page, bringing text above an image or placing a moving mage over the background.

Side icons

The ‘Add’ icon on the left hand side of the page is one of the most use-full on the site and providers the user with a variety of different menus, allowing them too add premade features or designs to their site. We have used the menus subsection here to change the position of anchors within our page, providing us with the navigation we wanted and allowing for us to direct the user to a verity of different information. It also provides lots of text and image options, which we have made use of to make sure that our website not only fits the star image and branding but the genre.

Similar to the media upload on the blog, the media page at the side of the website is used for adding in additional images and videos, which it then stores within the site. We have used the media page to add image for our store, and to incorporate backgrounds and album covers.

Website Draft 1 self assessment

We have worked really hard on the first draft of our website, and feel that it is progressing well. At current we believe its encapsulates both our star image,  and expected user experience, allowing for the best interaction between our star and her audience. We are currently working on adding more to our site for draft 2 to improve on our already pleasing user experience and representation of the star.