Music Video Draft 3

We have now completed draft 3 of our Music Video,  in which we have completed some changes mentioned in the previous posts.

  • Firstly we have worked on the inclusion of more narrative shots. These have worked well as it has created contrast between the red and black dresses worn on each shoot.
  • Another change we made is the inclusion of the introduction song, and silence before the music starts, similar to the end this allows for the narrative to be introduced and for the ¬†song to start slowly, rather than forcing the audience straight into the viewing.
  • Small adjustments have also been made to make sure that the lips are central within the frame, and edits have been changed in the cases were we agreed they were too long, something we mentioned previously.

Student Comments are a way for our group to improve our product, as they allow us to here the opinions of other media students and young people or age. Using their comments we can make a video that better fits the audience and the genre we have chosen to represent, below are some comments from draft 3.

Having evaluated this shoot, using student comments these are some improvements we hope to make in draft 4. Firstly we will be including a filter to create separation and build character within the narrative shots. Similarly we will be looking to introduce text into the start and end of the video, to make sure that it complies with the features of a music videos to make sure the audience is focused for the whole video. Other changes such as edit positions and clips, will also be made but we are generally happy with this in draft 3.

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