Feedback from teacher

As we develop the drafts of our Music Video, it is important that we receive feedback from different groups of people, including our teachers. Here is a screencastify on which Miss Hales has commented on our music video.

Here is a summary of her comments…

  • Miss mentioned how she liked the intro and outro included in our video, and mentioned that we should remove the zoom from this section, as it made the scene too long and removed from the effect of it.
  • Similarly she mentioned that we should start with a shot that contains nicoles face, to establish start image within the video.
  • She mentioned that we should try to increase the shot variety within the start of the video, and to use all 3 of the different settings.
  • As for the edit she said she liked the focus pulls, and suggests for us to use some push ins to make it more interesting to watch. And for us to try change shot distances on the cuts.
  • Small changes including removing awkward movements, and making sure that we use all of our shots to make sure there its there best variety within the video.
  • In this edit we hadn’t included our filters yet and this is something that she thinks would be really good to use as it allows that separation between the narrative and performance.
  • Finally miss mentioned about the timing of our edit and that we should try to make sure we either consistent edit on the beat, or make sure that we follow our edit through the whole beat, however this is quite difficult in our song as the beat is vary varied and lots of different sections with the whole song.

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