Marketing Strategy & Mission Statement

Who is your Audience?

  • Who they are (demographics) – Our demographic is 15-25 years old, primarily female. People who would be considered Millennials or Generation Z
  • What other media they consume and participate in – Our audience will have interests within Celebrity and Fashion Culture, and watch reality programs such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • What their values attitudes and beliefs (ideology / psychographics) – People with an interest towards are genre, are often relaxed but hardworking, with little to no political interests. 


  • How do you want the audience to engage with your star / album – It is important for our star to be ordinary for the audience, while still mataining a level of Extradrority, in order for them to be profitable. Social Media is a large part of the Genre and fans will likely also engage with the artists through a variety of social platforms.
  • How will they invest time and money in your star / album – The audience will spend on endorsed products and merchandise, new album releases and concerts / shows. The audience are less likely to read or buy magazine articles, however may still watch materials such as online interviews.


  • Name three similar bands / artists. Similar artists include Jorja Smith, Ella Eyre and Mabel
  • What are the trends in album designs of similar stars / bands? Album covers often feature vibrant images that make use of colour, similarly pastel colours also feature on a variety of artist colours. Notably their is use of interesting Typography, allowing a variety of different moods to be translated.
  • What does their website look like? The artists websites, make use of contrast, using accent colours against black and white. Soft imagery with natural tones and limited use of photo manipulation – portraying their true image to the audience


  • Is your star already established or are trying to establish a new presence in the market? Our artist already has a large fan base, however there is still development for her within the genre. There isn’t a need to establish a new market presence, as the existing one can be expanded upon
  • What is your star image & how are you trying to innovate / develop that image? Our star is trying to portray a real character to her audience, in contrast to many stars at the moment. Her character has allowed her to relate heavily to her demographic and rise to become a new favourite amongst many fans of R&B.
    • Are you mixing up elements of different genres? Although The music fits within the R&B genre, there are definite signs of more Pop lyrics and tones within the music.
    • Are you trying to re-brand your star? I feel that the current brand of the star is the one we are trying to pursue and that we are not currently trying to re-brand the star or her image.
    • Are you emphasising the ordinary or extraordinary? Followings Dyer’s theory, we are emphasizing the ordianrity of her image, and this has allowed us to portray her talent as extraordinary.

Mission Statement

Jourdan is a rising young artist who’s, inspiring lyrics and natural talent for music, has taken the R&B genre forward. Encouraging a new generation of youth within the UK to Embrace Culture and their talents to produce a history for themselves and a vision for the future of UK music.

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