Evaluation of web design application

Wix is a cloud based web development platform, which we have been using over the past month to create our stars website. Wix as provided us a great base for our website, and although it provides a lot of high level features it very simple to use. Similarly to the adobe software we have developed a variety of skills within the site, and learnt how to use many of the new tools as we develop our sites.

Side Tool Bar

The side tool bar is one of the more complex features within wixs and allow for complex adjustments to the different elements of the page. using the side tool bar you can change the layering and order of items on there page, bringing text above an image or placing a moving mage over the background.

Side icons

The ‘Add’ icon on the left hand side of the page is one of the most use-full on the site and providers the user with a variety of different menus, allowing them too add premade features or designs to their site. We have used the menus subsection here to change the position of anchors within our page, providing us with the navigation we wanted and allowing for us to direct the user to a verity of different information. It also provides lots of text and image options, which we have made use of to make sure that our website not only fits the star image and branding but the genre.

Similar to the media upload on the blog, the media page at the side of the website is used for adding in additional images and videos, which it then stores within the site. We have used the media page to add image for our store, and to incorporate backgrounds and album covers.

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