Digipak Draft 3

This is digital draft 3, and we are very close to finishing this product. Ahead of finishing this product we have done some more analysis and research. As part of this we have printed and include the imagery within a CD case, as this will allow our audience to gain a better feel for the product.

Gathering opinions on the cover, we asked our classmates to say what genre they thought it was, and add some adjectives to describe the  cover. 6 people highlighted the cover as R&B, with an additional 4 highlighting it as Pop. This shows that over half identified it correctly, and that although the case doesn’t always display the correct genre, the majority can identify it as our genre. Urban, Sassy, Fun, Dark and Funky were all given to describe our case, and we feel these work well to describe both our star and her image. This supports Hall’s ideas relating to a preferred reading, and shows that our album and its design can be understood to produce the desired reading.

Working towards our final draft we will be looking to highlight the genre, and to make sure that the product we have created always displays and represents the same genre we have designed it for.