Feedback from teacher

As we develop the drafts of our Music Video, it is important that we receive feedback from different groups of people, including our teachers. Here is a screencastify on which Miss Hales has commented on our music video.

Here is a summary of her comments…

  • Miss mentioned how she liked the intro and outro included in our video, and mentioned that we should remove the zoom from this section, as it made the scene too long and removed from the effect of it.
  • Similarly she mentioned that we should start with a shot that contains nicoles face, to establish start image within the video.
  • She mentioned that we should try to increase the shot variety within the start of the video, and to use all 3 of the different settings.
  • As for the edit she said she liked the focus pulls, and suggests for us to use some push ins to make it more interesting to watch. And for us to try change shot distances on the cuts.
  • Small changes including removing awkward movements, and making sure that we use all of our shots to make sure there its there best variety within the video.
  • In this edit we hadn’t included our filters yet and this is something that she thinks would be really good to use as it allows that separation between the narrative and performance.
  • Finally miss mentioned about the timing of our edit and that we should try to make sure we either consistent edit on the beat, or make sure that we follow our edit through the whole beat, however this is quite difficult in our song as the beat is vary varied and lots of different sections with the whole song.

Music Video Draft 4

This is the forth draft of our  music video, and likely the final edit we will be making. Having used comments from students and staff, and upon review of draft 3 we have made some small changes to the video.

  • We have included some more shots from our narrative shoots, the increase variety with in the video.
  • Changes have been made to certain clips, to shorten them and make sure that the fit within the video.
  • Some edits have been altered, moving to the end of words or sentences to give a more professional finish to the product.
  • Additionally we have started to experiment with a VHS filter, on shots from our narrative shoot, for this edit we have increased the noise to 50% and will be looking at how to add a timecode into these clips to make the authentic VHS look.

Peer Feedback…

Our main target for the next draft, will be to edit the VHS look and apply the timecode to each narrative section, as this will finish the look we are looking for. Similarly it will help to establish the contemporary R&B genre that our video fits.

Music Video Draft 3

We have now completed draft 3 of our Music Video,  in which we have completed some changes mentioned in the previous posts.

  • Firstly we have worked on the inclusion of more narrative shots. These have worked well as it has created contrast between the red and black dresses worn on each shoot.
  • Another change we made is the inclusion of the introduction song, and silence before the music starts, similar to the end this allows for the narrative to be introduced and for the  song to start slowly, rather than forcing the audience straight into the viewing.
  • Small adjustments have also been made to make sure that the lips are central within the frame, and edits have been changed in the cases were we agreed they were too long, something we mentioned previously.

Student Comments are a way for our group to improve our product, as they allow us to here the opinions of other media students and young people or age. Using their comments we can make a video that better fits the audience and the genre we have chosen to represent, below are some comments from draft 3.

Having evaluated this shoot, using student comments these are some improvements we hope to make in draft 4. Firstly we will be including a filter to create separation and build character within the narrative shots. Similarly we will be looking to introduce text into the start and end of the video, to make sure that it complies with the features of a music videos to make sure the audience is focused for the whole video. Other changes such as edit positions and clips, will also be made but we are generally happy with this in draft 3.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

As we progress with the production of our Music Videos, we have been learning lots more different production skills within Premiere Pro, I have listed some of these below…

  • Video Only- Following on from the use of Marking, mentioned in the last on of these posts, I have been able to use two different buttons within that window, one which allows for the audio track only to be taken to the timeline, and the other used more frequently to carry the video only to the timeline for editing.
  • Nested Clip- I have now learnt how to nest a clip, this is really helpful as it allows for lots of different modification to be made to the clip including the Warp stabiliser, something that I have found very useful in smoothing out handheld shots and any vibrations that might be felt through the camera.
  • Keyboard shortcuts- Alt and scroll is a feature I have discovered that allows really quick expansion of the timeline, making it easier to make precise cuts and line up different clips. Additionally I have found shortcuts for making windows full screen, and allowing for a more in-depth review of our footage when editing.
Edit Screen showing nested clip, with warp stabiliser and effects control panel
Screen shot showing the Video only and Audio only buttons mentioned in this post

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Having filmed and edited the narrative media for our shoot, here is Draft 2 of our music video.

Having watched the completed edit I am really pleased with the result we have from draft 2. I like the editing style we have chosen and feel that it represents the genre well for a second draft, I also think that the way in which we have been able to incorporate the narrative and performance has worked well, and our use of B-roll has given the video a very finished look. I really like the variety of shot we have been able to create within this edit and think that it is definitely something we will be able to keep in draft 3.

Mise en Scene is something that I think we have coordinated really well in Draft 2, the way in which we have been able to make the lips change throughout different scenes has really allowed for Nicoles identity to be presented. Similarly the inclusion of Bath shots, using a staged setting have allowed for the genres unique identity to be translated. Inclusion of more narrative within drafts 3 and 4 will allows for more mise on scene to be included and for the video to provide a real feel for the genre.

However there are still items I will be looking to change in drafts 3 and 4 some of these are…

  • Editing speed- although I feel the edit has progressed well within draft 2, one noticeable factor, is the editing speed. Currently the edit starts very quick, then slows and gathers speed at the end. To improve upon this I will be looking to make the speed consistently grow, with a more progressive opening and a constant speed within the middle of the video.
  • Filters- Throughout the development of our narrative we have said we will use a filter, to create separation between the narrative and performance, this is something we haven’t been able to include within this first narrative draft and is therefore something we will be looking to use in the subsequent edits.
  • Storyline- The incarnation of narrative to performance is something were have worked hard to make normal, in doing this I feel the narrative has lost its time and therefore will require some changes in the next draft to make sure it is not only coherent but also fits the genre.

Narrative Storyboard

When creating our narrative, it was important that we had a way of putting down ideas, as well as the ability to change the order if we decided. Traditionally we would have done this using sticky notes, however our group chose to do it using a DTP as it gave us the ability to work on it outside of school.

Below is our storyboard, it has detailed boxes for different frames, with information about shots and income the editing that will help provide this narrative. Our storyboard helped the group to put our ideas together, and made sure that we knew the sorts of shots we needed for our narrative shoots.

Having a storyboard has allowed for us to have organised narrative shoots, and a product which portraits a coherent narrative, similarly by including a coherent narrative it allows for use to fulfil the requirements of a music video and create a product which maintains its genre roles.

“The Devil is in the Detail” Mrs Cobb 2019

Having started to put together some footage we came to the conclusion that we had neglected to capture any close ups the filming performance. This lack of close ups would have limited us when editing and the effect created by the video, therefore we deiced another quick performance shoot was needed to get some more footage.

For this shoot we used a variety of materials, inspired by our genre, to cover Nicole’s lips and capture some extreme close ups, which where heavily filled with Mise en scene. This shoot although planned in a quick period of time was successful for a number of reasons.

  • Teamwork- as we progress we have developed processes to work well as a team, with certain people helping each other to complete task quicker and to a high quality.
  • Communication – Being able to communicate everybody’s ideas made this shoot work smoothly and for everyone’s ideas to be considered when filming.
  • Skill- its hard to say without bragging but certain people are better at things than others when it comes to different tasks, for example I have a preference for setting the camera to the correct exposure and getting the lighting where we want it. However often Ciaran helps us to frame up shots, as he has a more creative camera and filming style.
Nicole, with hundred and thousands around her lips, well stick on with Vaseline.
The soft-boxes surround the camera and the subject in order too correctly light the subject. In the screen you can see how we shot close enough to get great focus, but still allowed room for cropping and adjustment.


Shoot Reflection Narrative Reshoot

When reflecting on our most recent shoot, I would say it has been the most successful yet. This shoot was part of our narrative, filmed in our staged bathroom and using the lyrics of song to establish the idea that Nicole has returned home, and had become upset. The premises of the shoot was to create a set, which designs like a bath room would allow us greater control of the filming environment and an ability to use creative shots and filming, something w believe wouldn’t have been successful if shooting within a real bathroom.

Creating the bath setting was done by suing a variety of bathroom objects within one off the fa elites within our school. By creating our own bathroom it allowed for a larger stage fo Nicole, to perform the narrative and for us to control the setting and relative Mise en scene within the scenes.

Within this shoot we successfully light the area, top create an exposure which no only represented Nicole well, but allowed for the setting to be correctly represented. We communicated really well on this shoot, and with great teamwork we defiantly got the results we expected.

BTS shot from our shoot, here you can see some of the lighting setup, the camera and the setting we produced within the building.
Flower and some very cold water, which entered our bath tub within one of the shots.
The bath tub, after some of the water and flowers were removed, note the pink sheet for a bit of contrast and extra Mise en scene.

Specsavers Creative

With the growing creative industry within the UK, we are really grateful to have had a visit from the creative team at Specsavers. We spoke with Lenny, and he was really helpful in answering our questions about editing, as well as different ideas that we had when planning for re shoots.Firstly… Lenny helped us to clean up our file management, reinforcing our use of “Bins” within Premier Pro and explaining some of the reasoning why this would put us on a better standing for shared projects in the future.Another great thing Lenny mentioned to us was about using adjustments layers to change the look and feel of our footage all at one time. He showed us how to use an adjustment layer to change the look of the footage below it and for example how we could change the narratives look using one to differentiate it from the performance.Finally he showed us some shortcuts for different movements around the application, something I’m sure will be beneficial throughout the editing process and allow us to create the best product in the short amount of time left.

Here is a video explaining adjustment layers

Production Skills Evaluation 1

As we progress in the production of our music videos, I have learnt a variety fo new skills, some of which I have written below…

  • Using Tracks– Within premiere pro I have found my self using a variety of different tracks for both video and audio, this is something I have previously not used very much as products where often more simple than the current. By using tracks I can use multiple camera angles, as well as mute and hide video/audio when editing.
  • Bins– Sorting footage using bins is something we have found very useful when editing our music video as it allows for us to separate different shoots within the application, this organisation of our video media helps for everybody to know what footage we should and shouldn’t be using.
  • Marking video– when editing in preemie pro I have learnt to mark the footage before dragging it to the timeline, this not only allows a more in-depth control of when the video is cut but also helps to clean up what would otherwise be a very busy timeline.
  • Filters and Colour correction– another feature which I have never used, is something that has been evermore useful when editing our video, as it gives me and the group the ability too change very small details within the video.
Screenshot showing the use of tracks within our edit.
Screenshot showing the filters and colour correction pages in premiere pro, we have used this to adjust filters and alter colours.
This screenshot shows the importance of bins, here you can see the bins we have used for our different shoots, and footage that hasn’t been put into a bin, this footage is disorganised and hard to work with.