So how did it go?

I have now finished Component 1, which included researching, designing, producing and evaluating a Music Magazine on a specific genre. My magazine Riff is now complete and I have uploaded it into to present it as a magazine, this can be seen on my home page.

I have found the process enjoyable, and have developed skills in almost all areas, for example… I have new skills using the adobe creative cloud package, including InDesign and  Premiere Pro, which will be ideal for my other subjects and later sections of this course. Additionally  my skills in research, analysis and evaluation of my own and others work has improved dramatically , and has allowed me to produce a product that not only myself is satisfied with, as well as helping others make their products better. I am satisfied with the work I have produced and the improvements it has made over the past months.


Draft 5 – Almost There

As the deadline approaches  for component one, I am now on drafts 5 or 6 of each of my pages, and after feedback and multiple rounds of changes I have produced the near final products, seen below.

The above pages are from after my last round of feedback, which came from Miss Hales and I’m really happy with the end results. Some of the feedback she gave me for my pages included…

  • Increasing my variety of shot- She noted that I had very similar shot lengths within my magazine and recommended that I should introduce a close up shot. I have done this by replacing the middle image on the DPS.
  • Orientation and spacing- Throughout my magazine i have tried to keep the spacing correct and make sure that features don’t get too close. In keeping with this I have changed the order of the highlight images in the contents page. I have also checked and adjusted spacing of text on certain pages.
  • Clarity- The front cover as a whole has turned out well, however the text at the bottom has become slightly unclear when moving from a screen to paper. This is something that I have changed, to try and make the text more visible.




Design Skills 3

Although I’m approaching the final drafts for my pages, I’m still learning new things in the software.

One thing that I have learn recently is how to utilise layers in InDesign. I used these when making the fourth draft of my double page spread. The layers allowed me to separate boxes and make the document easier to navigate and edit. This is something that I wished I had used when making the over and contents page.

Another thing that I have started to use in both Photoshop and InDesign is rulers and guides. Rulers allowed me to measure and space the items of the page more evenly. Guides are really helpful and allowed me to line up different boxes across multiple layers, they made it easy to align the boxes on both the contents page and DPS.

Draft 5 Peer Feedback

A key part of developing my magazine is feedback, therefore I have asked Ben to provide some for all of my drafts. His feedback allows me to further develop my magazine pages and the identity of the brand. The feedback given to me bellow will help a lot in flushing out my designs for the final product.

In have embedded the document Ben filled out bellow. The work can be found here


Advert For My Magazine

To complete my magazine I have to choose an advert to put into my magazine. The advert should fit my demographic, and their interests. I have been looking online and these are the options I found. Disclaimer these adverts are not work I have produced, these were sourced online for use my magazine.

Option 1 is an advert for a Bamboo brand graphics tablet. I picked this one because the demographic research showed that the readers work in creative fields including graphic design therefore this advert would work well. It’s very simple and features an innovative design, which would be interesting for my readers.

Option 2 is an avert for a beer brand, it also features a very minimalist design and would fit well in my magazine. The design Is graphically interesting, and features a unique image idea. I think it would fit well and it fits the age cap for my magazine.

Option 3 is a Nescafe ad. I like the idea here and thing the use of a coffee colour is very good. Again it would fit my magazine however I feel it is more boring than the previous design. I don’t think I will be choosing this one in the end.

I will experiment with both advert when I pin together my magazine, and this will allow me to see which fits best with the design. 

Peer Feedback on Article

To gather more feedback on my article, I have asked a peer to read my article aloud, the recording of which can be found below. This helps me to understand at what points my article may become more difficult to read, whether sentences are too long and if there are any noticeable grammar mistakes.

Having listened to Willem’s reading, I now know that some of my sentences are too long, or in particular feature too many comas, when I really should have started a new section. Similarly the language in the article is also being analysed, this allows me to see if any of it is incorrect or doesn’t fit within its particular place. Willem’s feedback has allowed me to edit my article to make it smoother and more refined, so I can put his improvement into the DPS.