This is my response to CCR4 “How did you integrate technologies- hardware, software and online in this product”. In this I have discussed the effects of the different products on the outcome of the media I have created, looking at both converged technologies, items that perform multiple roles and software pieces and how they have positively affected the products produced.

Evaluation of web design application

Wix is a cloud based web development platform, which we have been using over the past month to create our stars website. Wix as provided us a great base for our website, and although it provides a lot of high level features it very simple to use. Similarly to the adobe software we have developed a variety of skills within the site, and learnt how to use many of the new tools as we develop our sites.

Side Tool Bar

The side tool bar is one of the more complex features within wixs and allow for complex adjustments to the different elements of the page. using the side tool bar you can change the layering and order of items on there page, bringing text above an image or placing a moving mage over the background.

Side icons

The ‘Add’ icon on the left hand side of the page is one of the most use-full on the site and providers the user with a variety of different menus, allowing them too add premade features or designs to their site. We have used the menus subsection here to change the position of anchors within our page, providing us with the navigation we wanted and allowing for us to direct the user to a verity of different information. It also provides lots of text and image options, which we have made use of to make sure that our website not only fits the star image and branding but the genre.

Similar to the media upload on the blog, the media page at the side of the website is used for adding in additional images and videos, which it then stores within the site. We have used the media page to add image for our store, and to incorporate backgrounds and album covers.

Production Skills Evaluation 3 – DP

As the production of our latest media pieces develop it is important to highlight the new techniques and skills we have developed.

One key skill I have developed is learning to use layers with Adobe InDesign. Working on a document with multiple plains has forced me to adopt the use of layers, which are all individual named for the material they have whether this be image or text. By using layers it has made making the different pages easy, and allowed my partner to know exactly where everything is located. Importantly it has allowed for more editing as layers can be removed and added. This positively effects the audience response as it allows for a smartly presented album, that fits within the genre and contains a variety of design features to convey the star image and branding.

Cutting tools in Adobe Photoshop are something that we have used previously when producing media pieces. Whilst creating our Digipak it has been a key feature to be able to remove parts of the image and its background. A factor that has made this easier is using tolerances when using the cutting tools, increasing the tolerance allows for less accurate lines and selection s to produce great results and for the cut to be less Sharpe, as more blending occurs. This positively effects the genre, as it allows for us to use more complex image manipulation, commonly used with the R&B genre.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

As we progress with the production of our Music Videos, we have been learning lots more different production skills within Premiere Pro, I have listed some of these below…

  • Video Only- Following on from the use of Marking, mentioned in the last on of these posts, I have been able to use two different buttons within that window, one which allows for the audio track only to be taken to the timeline, and the other used more frequently to carry the video only to the timeline for editing.
  • Nested Clip- I have now learnt how to nest a clip, this is really helpful as it allows for lots of different modification to be made to the clip including the Warp stabiliser, something that I have found very useful in smoothing out handheld shots and any vibrations that might be felt through the camera.
  • Keyboard shortcuts- Alt and scroll is a feature I have discovered that allows really quick expansion of the timeline, making it easier to make precise cuts and line up different clips. Additionally I have found shortcuts for making windows full screen, and allowing for a more in-depth review of our footage when editing.
Edit Screen showing nested clip, with warp stabiliser and effects control panel
Screen shot showing the Video only and Audio only buttons mentioned in this post

Production Skills Evaluation 1

As we progress in the production of our music videos, I have learnt a variety fo new skills, some of which I have written below…

  • Using Tracks– Within premiere pro I have found my self using a variety of different tracks for both video and audio, this is something I have previously not used very much as products where often more simple than the current. By using tracks I can use multiple camera angles, as well as mute and hide video/audio when editing. This has had a positive impact on our narrative as it makes it simpler to changer between our different shoots, and camera angles
  • Bins– Sorting footage using bins is something we have found very useful when editing our music video as it allows for us to separate different shoots within the application, this organisation of our video media helps for everybody to know what footage we should and shouldn’t be using. This positively effects shot variety as it allows for us to pick and choose from different shoots, and know where the footage has come from.
  • Marking video– when editing in preemie pro I have learnt to mark the footage before dragging it to the timeline, this not only allows a more in-depth control of when the video is cut but also helps to clean up what would otherwise be a very busy timeline.
  • Filters and Colour correction– another feature which I have never used, is something that has been evermore useful when editing our video, as it gives me and the group the ability too change very small details within the video.
Screenshot showing the use of tracks within our edit.
Screenshot showing the filters and colour correction pages in premiere pro, we have used this to adjust filters and alter colours.
This screenshot shows the importance of bins, here you can see the bins we have used for our different shoots, and footage that hasn’t been put into a bin, this footage is disorganised and hard to work with.