Music Video Draft 4

This is the forth draft of our  music video, and likely the final edit we will be making. Having used comments from students and staff, and upon review of draft 3 we have made some small changes to the video.

  • We have included some more shots from our narrative shoots, the increase variety with in the video.
  • Changes have been made to certain clips, to shorten them and make sure that the fit within the video.
  • Some edits have been altered, moving to the end of words or sentences to give a more professional finish to the product.
  • Additionally we have started to experiment with a VHS filter, on shots from our narrative shoot, for this edit we have increased the noise to 50% and will be looking at how to add a timecode into these clips to make the authentic VHS look.

Peer Feedback is an important part of the development of all of the media products we have produced throughout the course. Below is a video we filmed with some of our peers reacting to our 4th draft of the music video. Presenting the comments in this was allows for us to have more detailed comments and to talk about the improvements together as we watch the video.

Our main target for the next draft, will be to edit the VHS look and apply the timecode to each narrative section, as this will finish the look we are looking for. Similarly it will help to establish the contemporary R&B genre that our video fits.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

As we progress with the production of our Music Videos, we have been learning lots more different production skills within Premiere Pro, I have listed some of these below…

  • Video Only- Following on from the use of Marking, mentioned in the last on of these posts, I have been able to use two different buttons within that window, one which allows for the audio track only to be taken to the timeline, and the other used more frequently to carry the video only to the timeline for editing.
  • Nested Clip- I have now learnt how to nest a clip, this is really helpful as it allows for lots of different modification to be made to the clip including the Warp stabiliser, something that I have found very useful in smoothing out handheld shots and any vibrations that might be felt through the camera.
  • Keyboard shortcuts- Alt and scroll is a feature I have discovered that allows really quick expansion of the timeline, making it easier to make precise cuts and line up different clips. Additionally I have found shortcuts for making windows full screen, and allowing for a more in-depth review of our footage when editing.
Edit Screen showing nested clip, with warp stabiliser and effects control panel
Screen shot showing the Video only and Audio only buttons mentioned in this post

Production Skills Evaluation 1

As we progress in the production of our music videos, I have learnt a variety fo new skills, some of which I have written below…

  • Using Tracks– Within premiere pro I have found my self using a variety of different tracks for both video and audio, this is something I have previously not used very much as products where often more simple than the current. By using tracks I can use multiple camera angles, as well as mute and hide video/audio when editing. This has had a positive impact on our narrative as it makes it simpler to changer between our different shoots, and camera angles
  • Bins– Sorting footage using bins is something we have found very useful when editing our music video as it allows for us to separate different shoots within the application, this organisation of our video media helps for everybody to know what footage we should and shouldn’t be using. This positively effects shot variety as it allows for us to pick and choose from different shoots, and know where the footage has come from.
  • Marking video– when editing in preemie pro I have learnt to mark the footage before dragging it to the timeline, this not only allows a more in-depth control of when the video is cut but also helps to clean up what would otherwise be a very busy timeline.
  • Filters and Colour correction– another feature which I have never used, is something that has been evermore useful when editing our video, as it gives me and the group the ability too change very small details within the video.
Screenshot showing the use of tracks within our edit.
Screenshot showing the filters and colour correction pages in premiere pro, we have used this to adjust filters and alter colours.
This screenshot shows the importance of bins, here you can see the bins we have used for our different shoots, and footage that hasn’t been put into a bin, this footage is disorganised and hard to work with.

Performance Rough Cut- Draft 1

Here is our first draft music video, which is comprised of our performance footage.

Evaluation- Given that this is the first time we have created a video project as a group I think the result we produced was good, and more importantly it allowed for us to put together our different editing styles and work tighter the create a product. Having edited and watched the first draft we have decided that there is too little variety, this is manly down to two reasons a lack of narrative footage and limiting performance shots. I think currently the product we have produced doesn’t particularly represent a music video, however this is something that will improve within edits 2 and 3. By creating a video of our performance shots it has helped to establish the narrative shots we need to obtain as well as at which points these may fit In to the video. Evaluating the current product I would say that our pace of edits works well for both the genre and the song we have chosen, to keep up these faster passed edits it will be important for us to capture images in the narrative which will work at this speed. In drafts 2 and 3 I think we will be able to incorporate more effects and use the tools within primer pro to create a more professional looking video.

Targets for Improvement- To improve this video and progress it to a higher level we will be looking to capture a third performance shoot, which will utilise close ups of both the lips and the rest of our models face as this is an area which we currently don’t have. I think that Mise en scene is something that could ideally be improved when shooting our next load of footage, because currently there are a limited amount of elements that help to convey the genre and star image portrayed by Mahalia, this could be done by incorporating more costume or but using editing features to improve upon the media we already have, such as using filters. In addition to this we will be trying to utilise the features of premiere to increase the way in which our product converts the conventions of a music video.

Another improvement that could be made is with the way in which our edits come together, as each persons edits I think it is easy to see who has done which part, to improve on this we should look at the editing style of the persons before us and use it in partnership with our own style to create a music video that doesn’t change throughout.

Final Song Choice

After listening to all of the songs put forward by our group, and considering others songs not officially pitched, we have made the decision to use the song “Sober” by Mahalia. We think this song has great sound, gives us lots of options for narrative and performance. Similarly it will allow us to he creative with lots of Mise en scene and a vintage style. The songs length is good, however is abit longer than we thought so during our production we may trim it down, as this will allow the music video to flow.

Perfect Production Group

As we move in to more progressive group work it is important for us to understand our partners strengths and weaknesses, as well as how we will share workload and solve any problems and disagreements which may come our way during the production of music videos and its reverent media content.

We have completed this document as a group stating our strength and weaknesses and the plans we have about staying organised and connected and solving problems not only on an individual basis but as a group as a whole.

A New improved Front Page

Bellow is the second draft of my front cover for the Music Magazine ‘Riff’, in the draft I have changed certain features which were brought up by fellow classmates in order to improve my cover.

  1. The first change I made was to the cover line, originally I had the banner flat across the page, however it was suggested that I change this to make it angular. In the second draft I have angled the banner and text, as-well as changing the shape of the box so that it fits next to the neck of the guitar, this has really helped to develop the design of my magazine.
  2. The second change I made was to the fonts, I have chosen to change the font for the plugs/pugs to a serif font, as out helps to add character to the cover as-well as making it less ‘boring’. Furthermore I like the way this kinks to the heritage of the rock genre and typefaces used in there past by rock artists.
  3. The third change I made was to colours, originally I had a lot of red text, which was something I was uncertain about therefore In draft 2 I have made some changes. Firstly I changed the colour of the plugs/pugs to a dark grey similar to the masthead as this helped to reduce clutter and make the text clearer to read. Similarly I changed the colour of the bottom text to red because the light grey was difficult to read. This tidies up the cover as both the top and bottom text match.