Prelim Continuity Task

  • I have used the following camera techniques…use of symmetry, close ups, extreme close ups, mid shots two shots, match on action, shot reverse shot and over the shoulder shots.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense of/that… the two characters have an awkward and straining relationship where one person is cleanly more invested than the other..
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules… the 180% rule, the shot reverse shot, eye-line match and match on action.
  • I used these rules to… keep the flow of the scene as well as keep everything consistent so the scene makes sense and does not jar viewers.
  • I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro…cutting tools and general continuity editing to cut from one thing to another in a way and at a time that makes narrative sense and does not break the pace of the scene.
  • I used these tools to…cut shots at the right place and time to make the scene play smoothly without taking out the audience.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently,…such as picking a better location with more space to get a wider and variety of shots and distances.
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