Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The shoot went well.

We recently want on a filming shoot to capture footage for our narrative. we captured loots of footage for this section of our product that we can and will use in our final product and lots that we can’t although we had the initiative to re take any shots we weren’t happy with. Our narrative shoot  was very successful.

Our tale began at Dani’s house, I brought milkshakes, medium, chocolate, we started filming promptly and then continued the process while moving into town where we had our lunch break at the Teris where I tried bubble tea for the first time, we then moved to the constitution steps to continue filming and then finished finally back at Dani’s house. everything went smoothly exept we did almost burn the house down. but we didn’t.


  • Get more footage
  • Incorporate more artistic influences
  • Follow storyboard
  • Take more footage than needed
  • Pre-block scenes more thoroughly

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