Web Page Draft 1 and final draft with what has changed

This is our first draft of our web page it is not yet perfect but is coming along very nicly.
 We’ve updated the layout to include more social media links as well as more interaction and design features. I very much like how the music comes on as soon as it starts
and the gallery lay out and design in general are great. I love the moving background as well as I think it adds a wonderful, cool, calm and alt rock aesthetic. The layout and the colour pallet are all conventional of the alt rock genre and poetry the star image as passionate and strong. The black and red reinforce this aesthetic of passion and rebellion.
The video’s at the home page create an instant connection with the stars, making fans feel more attached to them and pulls the audience to support them and their message by supporting their brand and their music.


Previous albums – usually discography-can be fixed easily

I think we should make more of the DP cover… we could use it more impact-full and for promotional use.
I think we should add more videos and interactivity for variety and audience pleasure.
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