Web Page Draft 1 and final draft with what has changed

This is our first draft of our web page it is not yet perfect but is coming along very nicly.
 We’ve updated the layout to include more social media links as well as more interaction and design features. I very much like how the music comes on as soon as it starts
and the gallery lay out and design in general are great. I love the moving background as well as I think it adds a wonderful, cool, calm and alt rock aesthetic. The layout and the colour pallet are all conventional of the alt rock genre and poetry the star image as passionate and strong. The black and red reinforce this aesthetic of passion and rebellion.
The video’s at the home page create an instant connection with the stars, making fans feel more attached to them and pulls the audience to support them and their message by supporting their brand and their music.


Previous albums – usually discography-can be fixed easily

I think we should make more of the DP cover… we could use it more impact-full and for promotional use.
I think we should add more videos and interactivity for variety and audience pleasure.

Website Previous Students Work

When going over the website for The XX (previous students work) I was immediately blown away by the aesthetic and animations which grabbed me instantly, the use of colour and movement. The site had a great layout and nothing felt forced or out of place. The music video was front and centre and my appreciation of the website forced me to watch it. The rest of the web page was the same, it was filled with information about the band and there music as well as tour dates and areas for fans to explore and enjoy. My only gripe with the website was that almost everything was on one page, outside of merchandise all the pages were scrolling distance away which will it looked nice and professional made the site feel more like a list than a web site and made it feel like there wasn’t really that much to the website which in tern made it feel somewhat lazy. The website was very easy to use and it was very simple to navigate, maybe too simple. I don’t think any information was missing, I know about the brand about the music and upcoming events, although it could have been delivered in a more engaging way. The website has a wonderful aesthetic which carried over into their music video and made me instantly want to dive into their website however that was about the extent of it, having everything on one page made the site feel lack luster and baron. I didn’t feel like I was discovering a band and learning about them in a natural and exciting way. It felt like I was looking at a really pretty essay or piktogram which is a shame because it is really pretty and the animations and visuals make me want to enjoy it.

Evaluation of web design application

We’ve learned about all kinds of interactive and design features during our studies, we noticed that the web page design shared a number of similarity’s with our already complete magazine design such as such as the website’s leader board essentially being a masthead and the hero shot being the equivalent of the main star image. We know from our research that the best media is media which is simple yet effective so we try to use a simple but stylish layout with conventional colors and everything the audience needs is easily visible and simple to use. We tried to but as little writing on the home page while making sure no info gets lost. This makes the website more inviting and pleasant for the audience. That same homepage also has access to all our social media, our music and links to our merchendice, our concerts and albums, letting fans and viewers interact with the band as they please.

The design and colors instantly connote alt rock and convey the band as comfortable in their position. The contrasting black and red inspired by Twenty One Pilots ‘Blurry Face’ digi pack helps convey a sense of sorrow mixed with a strong embodiment of passion and rebellion, it says this band does what they want, they sing what they feel and they won’t be manipulated and play the game of fame just for money or success they’ll do it because the music and their art is important to them and they know it’s important to others (their fans). The second you start the website you’re face to face with the band creating an instant connection with them, the expressions on their face convey that same sense of refusal to fall dispite the world trying to force them down. It’s almost inspirational as well as calming and comforting.

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

This is a mock up flow chart of how we wanted our web page to look which we used going forward when creating our web page.

This is our first draft of the web page.

This is the most natural and workable layout for the website. We explore every necessary detail while keeping the web page simple and accessible. Everything is easy to use and is formed in the most user friendly way possible.