Draft 3

since the last draft we have added a number of moments such as a surreal, expressionist dream sequence full of artistic and creative shots and effects each to their own meaning. We’ve also polished and tightened up all previous aspects of the product resulting in it moving more fluidly and more visually appealing. We have almost finished the product however at this point in time it still remains unfinished which is our main priority.


  • Finish
  • Add continuity to filters
  • Add continuity to colours
  • Touch up effects
  • Tighten up transitions
  • Improve lip syncing

New PMA’s

Here is the PMA and Risk Assessment for our most recent Shoot’s where we captured footage for the second half of our product which is a dream sequence which we plan to make more surreal and will include more artistic and metaphoric content as well as an expressive dance sequence along the lines of Sia’s ‘The Greatest’ video or BTS’s ‘Blood, Sweat And Tears’ music video. We plan to make this section as dense as possible with every shot being something worth pausing on.

Surreal shoot

Dance shoot

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This second draft includes the first half of our narrative, our main focus, we felt this overall went well.

The video is now edited to go more with the song and is a very good pace to it. It also has a number of rough FX added to communicate subtext.

That said it is far from done and further from perfection, some targets we have are; include more footage, experiment with more FX and to include more interesting cinematography.

Audience Ideologies

This is a make-shift dating profile for a conventional member of our target demographic based on our research.

As stated many times before, knowing our audience is vital for the production of our work as it dictates our style, narrative codes and influences.

For example our audience likes Sia so in our product we plan to take inspiration from her choreography and visual design.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

  • I played with my experience with camera movement to achieve some more stylized camera angles, shots and movement to reflect the style of the genre. 
  • We used montage style editing to show the passage of time and to add energy to the video.
  • I’ve leaned how to manipulate time in clips using the time ramping tool and reverse to slow down/speed up/freeze or rewind videos, this can make shots more impact-full or convey a characters confusion .
  • I played around with various Fx to add a number of different filters to convey different emotions or meanings, for example the hard fade to blue reflects the depressive nature of the narrative and the isolation of the star.

  • ‘We were recently visited by The Lenny Of Specsavers who bestowed his great wisdom upon us. Though our group is already competent in the ways of the media student we still had some information to obtain.

Our groups one main question was if Lenny would be able to teach us how to manually manipulate color in our videos, which he ended up showing us exactly how to do and what it lets us do.

In summary; He gave us the ability to alter and layer our frames however we wish in ways that let us place whatever he wish where ever we wish as well as teaching us how to move and control the patter on color in each frame.’ This allows us to convey different meanings at different times.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The shoot went well.

We recently want on a filming shoot to capture footage for our narrative. we captured loots of footage for this section of our product that we can and will use in our final product and lots that we can’t although we had the initiative to re take any shots we weren’t happy with. Our narrative shoot  was very successful.

Our tale began at Dani’s house, I brought milkshakes, medium, chocolate, we started filming promptly and then continued the process while moving into town where we had our lunch break at the Teris where I tried bubble tea for the first time, we then moved to the constitution steps to continue filming and then finished finally back at Dani’s house. everything went smoothly exept we did almost burn the house down. but we didn’t.


  • Get more footage
  • Incorporate more artistic influences
  • Follow storyboard
  • Take more footage than needed
  • Pre-block scenes more thoroughly