So how did it go?

Looking over my final draft in comparison to my first I can really identify the progress I’ve made. Although I still fear the lack of authentic Korean items or models I feel that my props, style and design will help me get the marks needed. My use of bright images and colors as well as edgier photos and looks have ended up forming a product that I am happy with although I feel I could do better in regards to spacing and my article.

Working on this project has vastly improved my skills in every aspect of it’s construction such as photography skills and my design skills. I now feel confident in my abilities going forward in this subject and after the number of reworks and drafts, in this product itself.


Based on my research; Korean adverts do not like to have much to them in terms of writing and objects preferring instead to stick to a picture of a model with a product or what ever is being advertised and then the logo of the product. Some are quite stylized and others are much more simple. My research also showed that Kpop fans are naturally fans of dance so I will likely take advantage of this when putting an advert in my own magazine.