Based on my research; Korean adverts do not like to have much to them in terms of writing and objects preferring instead to stick to a picture of a model with a product or what ever is being advertised and then the logo of the product. Some are quite stylized and others are much more simple. My research also showed that Kpop fans are naturally fans of dance so I will likely take advantage of this when putting an advert in my own magazine.

Language Analysis

‘ (July 11), Cash For Questions, Paul Strokes’

The article I have read is a Q&A. In this particular article the questions were asked by fans rather than a reporter making it hard to feel the writers presence although you do feel more connected with the band as a result, this is assisted in the naturalistic writing style of the article, it uses very simple words and grammar which helps it feel more like reading a conversation than a story. The writer does however still manage to paint the band in a good light with light humor that plays to their particular brand, the quotes and phrases used show of the band as quirky and fun average Joe’s that live the celebrity life making them feel more real and down to earth. This can help the reader relate to and take interest in who the band are and what they have to say and encourage them to continue reading. The writer references other famous celebrity’s in the industry which keeps the article modern and trendy which makes it more attractive to readers especially the younger audiences and makes the band of topic look batter as a result of placing them on the same level as these famous stars.

2nd Shoot Contact Sheet(s)

Second shoot extravaganza!!!

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My second shoot went well, being on location gave me the ability ri experiment with many more angles and mise en scene and using different cameras let me experiment with different composition features. I used different models and costumes to get different kinds of characters and story’s from my images, these models are less sunshine and rainbows and more edgy and dramatic allowing my magazine to represent the entirty od the K-pop genre.