Evaluation of web design application

We’ve learned about all kinds of interactive and design features during our studies, we noticed that the web page design shared a number of similarity’s with our already complete magazine design such as such as the website’s leader board essentially being a masthead and the hero shot being the equivalent of the main star image. We know from our research that the best media is media which is simple yet effective so we try to use a simple but stylish layout with conventional colors and everything the audience needs is easily visible and simple to use. We tried to but as little writing on the home page while making sure no info gets lost. This makes the website more inviting and pleasant for the audience. That same homepage also has access to all our social media, our music and links to our merchendice, our concerts and albums, letting fans and viewers interact with the band as they please.

The design and colors instantly connote alt rock and convey the band as comfortable in their position. The contrasting black and red inspired by Twenty One Pilots ‘Blurry Face’ digi pack helps convey a sense of sorrow mixed with a strong embodiment of passion and rebellion, it says this band does what they want, they sing what they feel and they won’t be manipulated and play the game of fame just for money or success they’ll do it because the music and their art is important to them and they know it’s important to others (their fans). The second you start the website you’re face to face with the band creating an instant connection with them, the expressions on their face convey that same sense of refusal to fall dispite the world trying to force them down. It’s almost inspirational as well as calming and comforting.

Production Skills Evaluation 3







I have explored and taken advantage of the Photoshop filter tools in order to play with the visual style and look of images when creating the front of my digipack there are hundreds of possibility’s for play here but some i was particularly fond of were; The Tiles filter tool which added almost chalk like boxes to the image which I could edit as I saw fit. I choose to edit them so that they are straight and clean around the outside and become more warped and misshapen as they get closer to the main cover stars reflecting the stars struggles with feeling normal and accepted on the inside while keeping a straight-faced and respectable front on the outside. Another was the Noise and Grain tool which I used to distort the background not only making the stars stand out but also symbolizing their themes of isolation and anxiety in the world around them. I also used the Color Halftone tool to add an almost retro sketchbook style of texture to it to reflect the surreal and artistic nature of the band and their music.

I wanted to find a sort of brush stroke effect to for the text but for the life of me couldn’t figure out a way to do it, so instead I converted a slash(/) into a smart image as this would allow me to liquify it allowing me to shape it into whatever I wanted. I used this to create a very stylized ‘2am’ which I wanted to add a drop shadow to but it didn’t really look very good so I copied and pasted the same text and used the emboss tool to change the color then positioned it bellow and beneath the original to give of a sort of 3D shadow effect, contributing to the unique and offset style the band tries to hard to achieve.

Feedback on mock up and targets

We sent out a rough mock up of the style and atmosphere we are aiming towards creating, and sent it out for people to review and give feedback on. more specifically we asked them to tell us which genre/vibes the mock ups it reminded them of. The most common answer was the indie rock genre, although that is not the genre of our video or band (That being the genre and vibe of; Alt rock, alt hip hop,pop rock, indi-pop and rap rock) it is the closest to it given on the list and lets us know we need to work harder towards establishing the correct genre. They did also mark creative as the most common vibe which does mean we’re on the right track. We plan to incorporate more conventions of the genre in order to play into the predictable pleasures the audience and fans of the genre expect from our work. We also plan to play as strongly into the creative and artistic aspect which people found we did so well in this mock up.

Our Mission Statement

Band: The Flatliners

Album: Made in the AM

our plan is to relate to our target audience and capitalize on their love of alternative and less mainstream approaches to music and style so that they feel comfort and engaged with the star and the brand, encouraging them to indulge in the music and memorabilia in order to achieve maximum profit.

Other similar bands such as Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy use a mix of bright and dark colors alongside strong impact-full images to grab audiences attention and stand out from other bands.

Our band is already established as an innovative and experimental, changing their sound album to album in order to keep their work unique and building interest of what they’ll do next.

Mission Statement: Best described as ‘Schizophrenic Pop’, The Flatliners takes you through their journey, accompanying you on yours too as they express themselves throughout their own unique style of music. This really is an experience like no other as the band dive deep into key issues that modern society face today. With a target audience of 16-25 year olds, the band intends to open the young demographic’s minds with their new chart topping album ‘Made In The AM’.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

Through vigorous trial and error I’ve learned lots of new editing techniques in which to communicate various meanings, ideas and themes such as playing with multiple adjustment layers and their colors then directing multiples mask paths on then to create a sort of surreal explosion of emotion representing the characters own mental collapse a feeling most of the target audience can relate to, or a scene where we create a confrontation between one character and herself by positioning a second of the same clip and using a mirror tool connoting ones own moments of reflection and self evaluation.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

  • I played with my experience with camera movement to achieve some more stylized camera angles, shots and movement to reflect the style of the genre. 
  • We used montage style editing to show the passage of time and to add energy to the video.
  • I’ve leaned how to manipulate time in clips using the time ramping tool and reverse to slow down/speed up/freeze or rewind videos, this can make shots more impact-full or convey a characters confusion .
  • I played around with various Fx to add a number of different filters to convey different emotions or meanings, for example the hard fade to blue reflects the depressive nature of the narrative and the isolation of the star.

  • ‘We were recently visited by The Lenny Of Specsavers who bestowed his great wisdom upon us. Though our group is already competent in the ways of the media student we still had some information to obtain.

Our groups one main question was if Lenny would be able to teach us how to manually manipulate color in our videos, which he ended up showing us exactly how to do and what it lets us do.

In summary; He gave us the ability to alter and layer our frames however we wish in ways that let us place whatever he wish where ever we wish as well as teaching us how to move and control the patter on color in each frame.’ This allows us to convey different meanings at different times.