Evaluation of shoot or graphic design

Our shoot went fantastically, with so many locations and styles to pick from we were spoilt for choice. We spent the entire hour experimenting and testing out new and interesting ideas and everything was just so so good.

We used lots of various props and costumes to get a range of content for us to choose from when forming our Digi Pack for example we have them shirtless to represent their vulnerability, covered their faces to reflect insecurity and wrapped them together to symbolise their dependence on each other and their music.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

This is by far and away the best Production Meeting Agenda as well as the best Risk Assessment I have personally ever worked on. Every ounce of my passion for media and entertainment flowed into the production of these pieces of work. Everything from the craftsmanship to the layout to the typography clearly and beautifully reflects my creative intentions and my goals as a artistically driven student.

Our goal with this shoot is to capture our stars in a humble and venerable state which depicts them as dependent on each other and the world through surreal and artistic imagery. This vulnerability will also make the artists feel less godlike and more human making it easier for the audience and their fans to connect and relate to them making them appreciate them that much more and encouraging support.

43280667_2215022861902687_6419007208612167680_n-1pi0vzz-e1538928892459.jpg (381×280)

Digipak Moodboards

These mood-boards connote the general; unique and relate-able aesthetic we hope to capture for our Digi-pack as well as our band, it uses a mixture of dark and bright colors in tandem with strong surreal images in order to convey  a more deep and artistic style of music and brand.

Words to describe the aesthetic and in turn the star would we; artistic, personal, deep, dark, humble, extraordinary, alternative, grungy, meaningful, powerful and intense. The band and its style should stand out and the audience should still be thinking about it hours after they experience it.

Digipak – Previous Students Work

This piece wonderfully succeeds in multiple areas warranting a upper level 4 grade

Imaginative angles and
artistic composition

Eg. the framing of the wolf in the moon.

Shot distances have clear
design function

Eg. the long shot on the back and the close up on the front.

Looks like a professionally
produced product. Clear
brand throughout

All looks professional and inspired.

Every element reflects
form, genre, theme(s),

Art is consistently impressive and creative and gives a strong idea of what the band is and the vibes they want to infer.

Eg. the dark background, art style and the wolf motif.

Skillful use, contributes to
form, genre, tone,

The photos are created so hard to apply, that said it does have a clear and distinct tone and art style which makes it stand out and memorable

Eg. dark/muted colours and the outer glow on the title.

Sense of the voice, tone,
genre of star / band

The unique and personal aspects of the art convey a strong and personal connection with the star and give clear implications of the kind of music and artist it is.

Eg. the soft wolf image formed in the personal art style.

Completely consistent and
integrated, no loose

All of the images feel natural and in tangent with each other nothing feels out of place and all of it gives of the same vibes and brand.

Eg. same dark background and motifs.

Layout flows; a completely
integrated design

The art is consistent and is clearly from the same artist it is all done in the same art style and has the same aesthetic.

Eg. wavy art and soft text/colours.

Carefully designed and
sized to reflect genre /

The typography is soft and calm reflecting the comforting nature of the digipack.

Eg. Title and tracks.

Intelligent and
sophisticated use of a
range of apps

It is clear the product was formed using a range of apps and programs in its creation.

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Like any media didgipak’s are filled with symbolic codes which connote various themes and ideas through the the fonts and images. They also follow their own conventions weather it be artistically such as having a picture or image on the front, or a natural business convention such as the record label or title. This album in particular uses dark and muted colours alongside surreal and unique imagery to perfectly capture the sound and feel of both the band and their music.