My copy of professional magazine front page

Here is my first attempt at using In-design in which I was trying to copy the image on the left of a magazine front cover, my version is on the right. It went… better than expected. that is to say it could have been worse. Though certainly not perfect by any means as a first attempt i’m pleasantly surprised.

My placing of the images and text for example could obviously be better but is still fairly accurate despite a clear issue with sizing, everything is near enough in the right place and the right layer which proved to be harder than expected.

Some other weaknesses are that;

  • My background could look better.
  • The images look stretched.
  • My writing could look more similar.
  • And most embarrassing of all I’ve straight up forgotten to put a bar code on it.

But one must live and learn and I do have a much better understanding of the website and how i’ll come about making my own cover when the time comes.

Below is a playlist that has and will continue to help me use In-design more effectively to get the best turn out I can muster up.

Technical Camera Terms

 The world of experimentation is vast, exciting and painful, above is several contact sheets of images taken trying to familiarize myself with the different camera shots and terms before narrowing them down to my nine favourite, the process wasn’t perfect however there were… rejects. The majority of photos just weren’t great for a multitude of reasons; some had to high an aperture or to low, some were too bright or too dark and some were simply just bad photos. I was experimenting with different angles, shots and lighting and a number of them did turn out great and I have learnt more than I knew about all of these aspects and do have a better understanding of how to use a camera to tell a story, an understanding I will apply to my own work to get the best possible turn out

The Camera Talks

*click picture to view*

My photo shoot works as a brief demonstration of the language of photography. It’s an example of how varied angles/shots can tell different stories and communicate different feelings and emotions.

When taking photos for my own magazine I will need to consider what type of response it is that I want to get from readers and what the best way to get that response is.

My personal favourite from the above is the image in the bottom-left, I feel it has the most to say about the character as the use of the bench and brick wall for framing convey a sort of lower class feel which contrasts nicely with the models clean and posh suit suggesting a sort of identity struggle, the model looking forward represents him looking towards his future and deciding who he wants to be and him putting one leg forward but holding one back portrays he wants to move ahead and become who he will but is reluctant and doesn’t want to leave the person he is.

My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

This is my collage of what I consider to be traditional mise-en-scene of the Country Genre:

The genre which is often associated with things like; A Dirt Road or A Cowboy is usually aimed at or even performed by more working class citizens and is intended to be honest and relate to them.

This is my rough attempt at recreating that sort of hipster/western feel that country gives.

We captured the look of the country singer using traditional western objects; A cowboy hat and boots, the bandanna and the guitar although we did feel some aspects didn’t quite fit such as the shirt, the trousers and eventually the color of the hat.
The class seemed to have the intended reaction and claimed it made them feel/think of:

  • Western
  • Freedom
  • Friendly
  • Peace
  • Texan/American
  • Confidant
  • Retro
  • Romantic
  • Organic
  • Expressive
  • Seductive
  • Cowboy


And finally a contact sheet containing all of our more ‘professional’ photos:

The images turned out mostly good minus some that suffered from some unfortunate shadows or lighting but other than that I am quite happy with them, the following being my personal favorite…

This is my favourite because;

  • It shows off the necessary mise en scene to establish it is of Country Genre.
  • The angle is unique making it look different and stand out.
  • The model looks intense but also kind and peaceful.

Print media that commincates meaning

Everything happens for a reason, everything exists for a reason, this is especially true in media. Nothing should be a waste of space and every sign or symbol placed should have a purpose for being there, the reader should be able to decode every aspect of the product and decipher a meaning behind it.

Knowing this I will make an effort to use up every bit of space with at most meaningful content and at least interesting content using more attractive imagery when possible and using fitting fonts to attempt to express what the text is saying.