March 12

Making a Montage

For another music video practice task, we decided to make a montage of an average day at school.

Above is our preparation for the montage. We used a storyboard for this and made sure we had up to 16 shots with a description of the cinematography involved.

3 Strengths were:

  • I gained extra knowledge using Premiere Pro
  • I understood different cinematography techniques when making the montage
  • I learnt how a montage is made and used the fast pace of one to make mine look accurate

3 Weaknesses were:

  • We had a limited amount of time
  • We could have gone to more exciting locations
  • I could have edited in more , adding more transition and video effects.

While experimenting successfully with titles, transitions, and music which helped further my understanding with the editing software, I learnt how to continue to further my knowledge with cinematography, camera techniques and using Premiere Pro to it’s full potential.

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