June 4

Audience Ideologies

‘Rather Be With You’ By Sinead Harnett is in a Soul/RnB/Indie genre. We looked at individuals who listen to this type of music, and found their profile on You Gov, with their interests, demographics and political views.

It has been a particularly useful task to complete as it gives us an insight as to who our target audience is and helps us conduct our music video in a way which intrigues and entertains our target audience.  This also means they will be able to decode certain hidden messages and symbols throughout our music video as we discovered what the common psychographics and demographics are for our target audience, and this may also help with social interaction as they will communicate with friends about the video.

I found our target audience were:

  • Demographics – Skilled Working Class and Lower Middle Class
  • Psychographics – Mainstreams and Fun / Atics

We found this information on YouGov, with the profile seen below:

Overall, this gave me an insight to who our target audience is, and I created a ‘typical audience member’ to help get a grasp as to who is watching, using the YouGov, Blumler & Katz uses and gratification, and the Demographics and Psychographics.

From this I collated an individual profile, and designed a tinder dating profile using In Design, seen below. Click on image to see the PDF.

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