October 18

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

When in the making of our website, we needed to form a layout so we were able to get a clearer idea as to what we wanted our website to look like for L.U.N.A. Therefore, we gathered all the information we needed to present in our website and formed a flow chart to help create and organise a typical RnB/Soul Webpage that is attractive to our target audience.

Below is the layout we chose which included all of the following:

  • Home/Splash Page
  • Latest Work
  • About L.U.N.A
  • News
  • Tour Dates
  • Merchandise

Our next step after creating a flow chart was signing into wix.com and choosing a template most suited to our star and genre.


Above is the template we chose, it is called ‘Music Video Director, and it best suited our genre due to the colour scheme, style and image of star. When viewing the template we had to scroll down to see the next pages which we thought was unique and would attract our young demographic audience.

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