October 24

Evaluation of web design application

Throughout creating our web page, we came across many hurdles and challenges, especially as we didn’t officially have a lesson on how to use wix.com, which challenged us to find out ourselves how to create a webpage and use the different tools to style it in our own unique way to attract the target audience.

The first thing we came across when creating our web page were the tools along the left hand side. The tool that we used most often was the ‘add’ tool which gave us the means to add images and text to our website. After learning about this is was easy to set up the basic outline of our web page, once all the images and text were added and we knew what was going where.

The next thing we learnt was how to create the pages within our website. Once we decided what we wanted our website to have we create pages for:

  • A home page
  • Latest Work (which included our music video)
  • Merchandise (including pictures of L.U.N.A wearing her favourite outfits)
  • About
  • Social Media (with links to all sites)
  • Tour Dates (which we used images and text to create our own)

Overall these basic tools and steps helped to create our website, including backgrounds, colour schemes, images and texts suitable to our star image and genre. This helped us learn further about wix.com and gave us a small insight into how to create a ‘perfect website’ for our target audience.

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