October 24

Web Page Draft 1

Here is our website (please click on image to see full page)

L.U.N.A’s first draft of the website was very successful, as we were able to gather information and images about our artist and compile them into a website, with pages for photos, music videos, merchandise, tour dates, news and an about page. However, we did self assess our website, and came up with some feedback for our next draft.

  • Adding a few extra album covers that we have created.
  • Changing the background so they attention of the audience is drawn to the images and writing rather then the bright and bold background.
  • Make sure the navigation/menu bar is bigger and more noticeable.
  • Make more news stories, and possibly add some tweets?
  • Font wise – maybe keeping the big blocks to just the headings?
  • Add a review on the music video page, to give more information to the audience

We then were given teacher feedback which furthered are knowledge as to what to improve:

  • Calligraphy font is a bit hard to read in blocks of copy so use it only for the headings and then choose a less is more font for the copy.
  • Couple of news stories on a news page?
  • Look at the ordering of the pages – would about come near the end…surely higher up?
  • Need the DP to feature higher up and use some of the artwork as a background perhaps? Remember the site is to promote the DP.
  • Couple of previous album covers in a discography section?
  • Social Media’s is Medias….no apostrophe and they are far down the page so don’t show up immediately.
  • Not sure about the pineapples.
  • Photos -give them some framing or shadow to pop them and some captions?
  • The banana menu is hard to see…..

Overall this feedback will give us an idea of what we need to change for Draft 2 of our webpage and ensure the audience can easily access our webpage which will hopefully include everything our webpage needs to.

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