November 12

Creative Critical Reflection 3

How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

This is our CCR 3 which we have created a vlog for ‘Sir Allen’ to listen to our marketing techniques and visual ideas to attract our target audience in this video… These are the questions we were asked to answer to give a full description on;

  • Who are your target audience?
    • What are their ideologies?
  • What is your brand identity / missions statement?
  • How does the design / content of your three products fulfil your audience‚Äôs uses and gratification?
  • How do the products speak to the audience and try to create a relationship with them?
  • Consider AIDA and Blumler and Katz
  • Staurt Hall, Richard Dyer, Jay Blumler + Elihu Katz and Gerald Lacey
  • What record label would suit your star the best?
  • What marketing strategies would you use to create buzz around your album lunch?
  • How would you reach your target audience?
  • How are you likely to make your star profitable?


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