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Draft 4

New Storyboard/PMA

Carney and I have made a storyboard for any additional shots we needed.  It is vital that we plan our shoot to ensure it goes how we want it to with as few setbacks as possible.  By doing this it will help give us a clear break down of what the different shots we need to get, meaning that we will not wonder into our narrative shot blindly and this should ensure we gather enough footage and will not struggle when it comes to editing.

Draft 3

This is our 3rd draft of our music video ‘Bellyache’.  Things that have changed since our previous draft include:

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Audience Ideologies

Pictured below is an example of a dating website that I created with a typical fan of my genre. This was very helpful because it helped me to picture the target audience I am aiming the video at so it is useful to keep them in mind.

I researched on YouGov, trying to find out information for demographics and psychographics of a typical fan of Billie Eilish, in order to cater to them in order to be more successful with our video. However I couldn’t find her specifically so I chose a similar artist to her of the same genre, Melanie Martinez.


Feedback from Teacher


Here is a screencastify review from our teacher, Mrs Cobb. Here are some key points that she raised.

  • the first shot of the white bed sheets could be edited in slow motion to portray the intimacy of the shot
  • remove prism filter as looks false
  • remove blue bar across 3rd shot as is a mistake
  • the goggles shot works well
  •  more performance shots needed
  • unclear what is in the back of the car, add some establishing shots  and shot of her crying to portray the boy has been killed
  • fill the final minute of the video with a fast paced edit to convey frantic emotions of main character
  • confusion between if shots are meant to be performance or narrative- clarity needed
  • various missing footage


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Here is Draft 2 of our music video, we have a few gaps to fill in with the upcoming shoot, however we are generally pleased with how it’s going,

Risk Assessment

This is our risk assessment that we made for our performance shoot around town, it was important to have this to ensure no one was injured.

Production Meeting Agenda for Narrative Shoot

For our narrative shoot, we filmed conventionally to the genre of electropop, using conventional angles and shot distances and dressed them in stereotypical outfits of our genre.and we filmed more than we thought was necessary in order to have ample coverage.

Narrative Development

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