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Evaluation of web design application

In order to create our website we used Wix. This website allowed us to experiment with a wide range of features helping us to make our website more professional.  Being a new website to all of us it challenged out skills in making a website relevant for our audience.

Whilst creating our website we started with creating different pages we wanted to include for our webpage. This then allowed us to be able to create the navigation bar at the top. This was essential for our webpage as we wanted to make sure it was clear for the audience on how to navigate through the website.

On the pages tab you are also able to add in any landing pages that we may need throughout our website, this was extremely useful as you are able to easily connect and extras in. One of the landing pages we created were able to add a link to Paypal and ITunes. To do this we made the pictures of our digipak buttons so the audience are able to purchase or stream the music.

CCR 3-How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

For this task we made a video  in the style of ‘The Apprentice’ in order to answer the question. This video includes discussion topics such as:

  • Mission statement
  • The design / content of our three products and how they fulfil our audience’s uses and gratifications
  • Who are target audience are
  • Their ideologies and Values, attitudes and beliefs
  • The focus of the message that is being encoded to the audience
  • Our brand identity
  • How the products speak to the audience and try to create a relationship with them
  • Distribution and marketing


CCR 1- How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?

Above is my ‘Prezi’ presentation which allowed me to reflect of how I have used and/or challenged the conventions of the Electropop genre.

I have focused on particular areas such as  how the characters are represented through the use of micro features, like camera angles, composition and mise- en-scene.

It is important to analyse these features as the representation of the star is an integral part of the branding and later sales of the product.


CCR 2 – How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

My partner Carney and I have created a explanatory video voiced over our final draft of our music video in order to depict what we have done to create our brand and our star’s identity.

We analyse how small aspects represent wider themes such as, the character’s costume and makeup work together to link the music video, DigiPak and websites’ theme as a psychotic girl image.

Digi Pak Draft 1



This is a copy of the first draft of our Digipak. Our teacher gave us some very useful feedback which will enable us to enhance our product greatly for it’s final draft.

Targets for Improvement:

  • over editing the front cover? irroring, cutting and offsetting her face, and the pastel dabbling cosmic psychedelic doesn’t need represneeting on the background, eye editing
  • change the cross over edge, eg Marguerite’s page
  • replace the hand/legs shot on the right inside not a strong image and seems random
  • add places in between the words, or keep it consistent
  • not sold on the 80s font on the back cover, play with the font and change it up, maybe something more stylish eg simple sans serif font
  • needs more songs on the album, 6 is not enough
  • add barcode and copyright info
  • complete spines

Web Page Draft 1


Here is the first draft of our Web Page. Our teacher recorded a screencastify where he gave us useful feedback to take forward to our next draft.

teacher feedback:

  • good composition with the word videos being under her eyes, such a grabbing image maybe add it to call to action instead as it would be more impactful?
  • not a fan of the hands, random
  • fan of psycho light drawing, mayne include this in the digipak
  • confused by social media links and where to listen, maybe seperate
  • enjoys the playlists, not a fan of the composition, sharpen layout
  • dont use the psycho background again behind the video
  • tickets, dont use rsvp and rickets, buying not inviting
  • where in san fransico? be more specific
  • merch page is effective as it’s so light, layout doesn’t fit with background, a bit clunky
  • be careful with positioning and make merch page more elegant

Website Previous Students Work


The landing page of the website shows clearly the artists name and his new music video. For a brand new member of the audience this is very helpful as I get to see his recent workings and see if it is to my liking.
The second thing you see is the taskbar/leaderboard. This contains 6 different tabs. Each of these are linked and take you to the appropraite section of the webpage. For navigational purposes infomation becomes easier to find. This improves the audience expereince as they can find the specific infomation they want straight away without having to scroll and navigate through a series of hyperlinks and text.

For example I was able to find out that the artists has recently released a new album along with a new music video. In the social media area of the page right at the bottom we see a few of his tweets. You can see his open about his life and enjoys maintaining contact with his fans. Although all the tweets are on the same day this shows he might have a poor work ethic.

The colour scheme on the thumbnail of the video, the digipack, posters from the store and background are very similar I dare say identical. There is alot of flowers and greenery so if i were to guess it seems to be an indie country artist and after watching the video I can confirm that claim. The digipack and overall colour scheme are consistant and represent the genre in a highly conventional way.

One of the target points for media is provide entertainment, personally I didn’t enjoy it but I’m not part of the target audience. the website provides links to social media this gives the audience a sense of involvment and socialisation.

A website is crucial for the development of brand identity. It allows other forms of media to get involved with the performer, this creates an image that people will see.

Flow chart & Preferred Template


We created this GoogleSlide after researching other Electropop’s artists’ websites to see what the typical conventions and layout of the site is. We wanted to makes sure we have a structure set before making it, so in result of this, we have agreed on what pages and details we will include; such as merchandise in the ‘Shop’ section.

Now that this task is completed we have more clarity on what we need to do and what to add in, this map of the site also lets us know if we’ve missed a feature out, therefore keeps us organised and on task.



Web page Conventions





Above is a Screencastify made by me and my partner Carney and I. During this analysis we delve into ideas of understanding the media form of websites. For example, this may include: user experience, analysing the design and demonstrating profesional examples in order to show what we are planning to use as our guideline, for our own personal website for our star.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

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Image result for cutting tool premiere pro


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