Print Media That Communicates Meaning


~ My task above was to deconstruct the text. Analysing every detail,disovering the connotations of the “CLAMPS” (costume,lighting,acting/action,makeup and hair, props, setting); in doing so I now recognise that everything a text includes has a purpose.

~ I also now understand the role of gender in media- I saw this poster as an advertisement of her power, with the sans-serif typeface, naturalistic hair/makeup and encompassing gesture. Whilst others may only see (pink)/her femininity. In requesting other’s opinions I discovered: interpretation is decisive.

~ Whilst producing my own media text I will have to consider closely/carefully every aspect I incorporate; such as typeface, colour scheme, props… Furthermore, consider the connotations of those props, lighting decisions, costume choices… I need to make sure I portray the intended message successfully.

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