Mise-en-scene For Meaning



I was assigned a music genre to base a photo shoot on: Hip Hop. Honestly not a genre I would have chosen because: I wasn’t a passionate fan or a hundred percent aware of the conventions…I was however, extremely aware that this task was going to push me out of my comfort zone – and I adore a challenge!

In this image me and my peer are dressed in “hip hop” fashion.The class described our costumes above as “confident”,”anti-social”,”rich” and “attention seeking”. This negative semantic field portrays the genre as adult and threatening. ~ Below I analysed the image of us:

Prior to this shoot we had created a selection of mood boards focusing on the different aspects of the genre. This research inspired and influenced our shoot drastically.

After deciding on our look we took to the green screen. Experimenting with different stances, gestures, fixed eye contact, no eye contact, applying aggression as well as other stereotypical emotions- ideally we would have experimented with  low key and high key lighting, but with the lights unavailable, we utilised the sunlight, considering how we could form shadows- our contact sheet was created

This is my chosen hip hop image (of myself); and an analysis below:


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