Technical Camera Terms


In total I took over a hundred images, from which I was able to choose my favourites, and create a contact sheet containing them. During this period were able to experiment with different angles, positions, depths of field and distances for the images. I hadn’t previously used a DSLR camera- so this was exciting!

Below are the images that best displayed the three aspects we were to focused on: ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
I really enjoyed this experience and learnt a lot!

I discovered how difficult it is to produce slow shutter images, but loved the effect it could potentially created. So in the future I would like to use a tripod to prevent excess moment created by my shaking hands; I would also like to create the same blurred effect in video form.

Experimenting with the angles, lighting and framing was a good way to understand how much they change the undertone of the image.

I adored playing with the depth of field because I was always curious how this effect was created. We learnt how to adjust the focal point and aperture appropriately- checking we were using the correct exposure and focus, especially for the extreme close up shots. The dripping flower is a good example of our work with depth of field.

Many of our shots were’t perfect, we encountered many failures, but this taught us to be patient, and that even the smallest adjustment could change an entire image. Hopefully I will look back on this post and see how much my knowledge has expanded, since using the cameras for the first time!

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