My Tour Poster.


Beginning to create new media content! We have been assigned the task of creating a genre appropriate, professional looking tour poster, utilising the green screen images we took of ourselves previously. The brief is here!

Before jumping into this task, I took a step back; I was aware of the conventions of the ‘hip hop’ music genre, yet required more knowledge of tour posters in general, and advertisement methods. Below is a catalogue of further research:

I created (below) a ‘lick and stick’, physical copy of my tour poster, it was a really useful reference, that I could easily pour all my ideas onto. Some of this ideas I didn’t use because they either made the poster too busy, or I just thought they didn’t work aesthetically.After a lot of concentration, failure and effort …“Ta-da” ~ I believe this poster does fulfil the previously stated brief.

Evaluation of my tour poster!

I decided to use a neon colour scheme contrasting with a dark background to clearly demonstrate the hip-hop branding of the artist, as this colour scheme is typical if the genre, and grab any viewer’s attention. The filter could also be said to connote the stereotypical drug use of the people involved in the hip hop culture; this also suggests movement and excitement. I decided to make the artist name “Lil’ Hill” the same colour as her clothing to show the collation and create consistency in the poster.

The words in my tour poster are all legible; I only used two typeface to prevent cluttering the poster. The main typeface resembles graffiti and communicates the rebellious tone that this music genre withholds. The second serif typeface contrasts the other provoking interest- it is also a contradiction to the stereotypical invention of the genre and lucid. The text appears to be being forced back by the artist’s presence, (text wrapped) demonstrating her influence- the neon outlining also implies this, as well as the positioning of the words. The adjective “infamous” makes this tour desirable, and implies this artist is distinguished and brilliant- both connotations appropriate for this genre. There is a clear route of action, in the form of “tickets here”.

The body language of the artist is arrogant and self important; her costume in the correct style for the hiphop genre. Her eyeline is directing the audience towards the tour dates.

I like that this poster has a retro style and is eye-catching. I could have displayed a selection of sold out tour dates, improved the musical label in the bottom left, advertised a new album from the artist and included some graphics to improve the poster.

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