Article Idea Development


Article Idea Development

Who are you writing for?

Im writing for my target audience of males and females, aged 18 to 24, at the lower end of the social scale, with an interest in controversy and music.

What is important to your audience?

Understanding the personal life of the artists and rebelling against all social norms, which they like to see their favourite celebrities doing as well.

What news is currently trending?

Award show controversy and how the film, TV and music is corrupt. How rich people are getting away with terrible things.

How are you going to start?

I will need to use colloquial language start with a sensory description and a stand first to intrigue the reader.

To a large degree I believe I have addressed the audience’s uses and gratifications. I insist this article is a source of Personal Identity, as it reflects the readers opinion of how corrupt and damaging the music industry can be. This is certainly Entertainment as it is hyperbolic, Surveillance of a ‘hidden’ world and provokes Social Interaction with other fans and music enthusiasts.

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