Design Skills 2


I have now created my double page spread for my Indie Pop magazine. In doing so I learned to use many features in Adobe InDesign andAdobe Photoshop.

My first challenge was to  use the adjustment tools in photoshop to enhance the vibrant colours I had shot on the location shoot. Then using the lasso tool I outlined my star, and placed another layer of just her in-place. In doing so I could use a drop shadow– knowing that these increased the complexity and visual interest of a page. I found the blending options tab allows the user to select colours for the drop shadow. Selecting three complimentary colours, I found gave this page a “hippie”vibe, which influenced further ideas for the article.

I discovered these tool could also be used on text, and set my headlines and quotations effectively to be 3D-like.I used the shape tool to create a box to place my pulled quote in, assuming this would make that quotation stand out further and break the page up more. I also created text boxes to put place holder text, to assist me envisioning the final product. I believe I’m making positive progress and am enjoying the development of my magazine!

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